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FreePBX and Emergency Operations - Guest Blog

The great thing about FreePBX is not just the software but the great community that comes with it. There have recently been some posts thanking "me" and the FreePBX development team for this great product. The thanks are very much appreciated and when I hear some of the real world stories that constantly surface I am always humbled as to what all of you end up doing with FreePBX.


Small Changes Big Consequences

I sat around this Saturday morning clearing out some recent bugs so I could head off to Maui tomorrow with a clear conscious and enjoy my vacation. As I did so I pondered what to blog about having just given you a well received sneak preview of the next v2 release. One of today's bugs made me think it would be good to talk about the hard choices of what goes in a release and what does not. Before I go on though, if any of you readers are out in Maui in the next 1.5 weeks, send me a PM, maybe we can have a drink!


Sneak Preview of 2.8

Work on FreePBX 2.8 is progressing at break neck speeds (has it been just a week since my last blog?) and I couldn't hold back giving you a sneak preview! Although 3.0 takes the cake in visual improvements and web 2.0 features, 2.8 is taking steps to improve on a few areas that long time FreePBX users can really appreciate. Where as we set out to work on internal plumbing along with a few features, we naturally find areas to digress, to your benefit.


FreePBX 2.7 Is Final

I'm excited to announce FreePBX 2.7 Final available for immediate download. We have over 2000 systems running 2.7 at the time of this posting and continue to see more features and increased stability as FreePBX evolves. The bugs encountered during this release were minimal and most of those addressed in the bug tracker were already existing bugs from earlier releases fixed during this Milestone (and most of those not back ported to 2.6.


FreePBX v2 and v3 Release Candidate Status

Progress on both the 2.7.0beta1 and v3 General Preview release candidate have been going great with lots of activity. The 2.7 beta will be moved into release candidate state this week along with an upgrade module provided to upgrade from 2.6 systems for those who prefer to use the GUI and stay clear of tarballs and SSH.


FreePBX v3 SVN repository maitenance right now

Just a quick note to all of you who may be trying to access the v3 SVN repository either directly or through the trac browser. The SVN repository is currently down and not accessible. We are aware of the problem and it is being addressed. This is related to some of the maintenance issues we have had that are being investigated.

Thanks for your patience while we address this and we expect it to be back up later today.


2.7.0 Beta1 Release

As promised we are releasing the Beta 1 of FreePBX 2.7.0. This release is relatively minor though it does have some goodies that will be well received. The biggest change for this release is the new FAX module that will replace the previous FAX abilities in core and add support for Fax For Asterisk (FFA). Legacy FAX support will still be there for those not using FFA.


Planned and Unplanned Outages

We have a planned maintenance outage scheduled soon and have had a few unplanned outages in the past month, so I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on both of these.

First off we were informed of a possible outage as follows:

Start time (central): 10:00pm CST Jan 24
End time (central): 2:00am CST Jan 25
Expected Interruption of Service: less than 20 minute

This outage will effect all FreePBX sites including the Online Module Repository, SVN access, etc.