Outbound Routes

DUNDi Lookup and Extension Registry Proxy

DUNDi Lookup and Extension Registry Proxy
This module provides a proxy for the extension registry feature in FreePBX. If you have a DUNDi trunk configured in FreePBX to other branch offices, and a route defined to access it, then this module will proxy and check for extension number duplication in other branch offices when creating new extensions, ringgroups or any other extension that can be dialed.

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HOWTO: Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules

Hints on Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules

New users of FreePBX are often confused by the fact that there is a place to enter "Dial Rules" when creating a new Trunk, and "Dial Patterns" when creating a new Outbound Route. Since the construction of these seems similar, users try to do something in the wrong place and it doesn't work. This is a brief attempt to explain the difference.

Trunk Dial Rules

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What are trunks?
You use a trunk to carry a call (or any number of calls) to a VSP
or a device that cares about what number you send to it (eg, another
Asterisk/FreePBX Machine). There are 5 types of trunks supported:

  • Zap Trunk
  • Define-IAX2 Trunk
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