Forward to cell phone - Voicemail

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Forward to cell phone - Voicemail

I have created several extensions that ring at a cell phone. However if there is no reply at the cell phone, it is the FreePBX voicemail that answers, while I want the cell phone's voicemail to take the call. How do I program this ?

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Two options...

If you don't need VM for the extension at all, then you can just disable it and problem solved. If you do require VM but do not want it to ever auto answer a call to an extension, use follow me with just the extension number in the list to ring and then set the "Destination if no answer" to something other than answer by VM


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1. Disable VM on FreePBX for

1. Disable VM on FreePBX for those extensions.
2. Set the ring time on the FreePBX Extensions for a time period that is longer than the ring time for the cellular phone's voicemail.

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