Outbound caller ID not correct

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Outbound caller ID not correct

I am running FreePBX with Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.4) when I call out on my trunks I get private caller no the correct caller ID when I call up my sip provider they tell me the server is sending a block. My provider is viatalk and if I move the lines into my grandstream GWX4004 the caller id works just fine. Any thoughts on where to look I would like to have a dial plan that shows the number for this trunk all the time.

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There are caller ID fields

There are caller ID fields in the Trunks module, in the outbound routes module, and in each extension. The only place you need to set the Caller ID is in the trunk module. If set there, it will pass correctly. If I had to guess, I'd guess you have it set wrong, i.e. your provider requires 1+AC+Number and you've left off the 1, or the other way around.

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