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Config Edit

I have searched yet I cannot find an answer.. I see that config edit is not a module in 2.9 FreePBX distro. Is there a way to add this. Seach the web points me to a 404 site.

Or, maybe my question should be can we still you config edit. Or is there another way that we should be modifying our conf files.

Just a little confused.



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Modifying what config files?

Modifying what config files? Are you speaking of the files with "custom" in the file name located in /etc/asterisk?

I know trixbox had a web based editor that was awful. It mangled XML files for one thing.

I recommend to all users to take the hour and learn how to login to a command prompt and edit a file.

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I do know how to log in and

I do know how to log in and edit a config file. That's not my issue or problem. I just liked the ease of the module config edit when makeing changes. Especially if you have done some extensive customization in your test system and want to do a simple copy and paste.

Also, with the extensive changes and use of the db backend can we edit these config files or is there another method. That I think was my origanl question.

And did you try to come off as sounding like a Pr*& or did I read your post wrong.

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The Config Edit module was

The Config Edit module was maintained by Joe Roper at Fonicatec and it seems to have died on the vine for whatever reason. I don't know of anyplace else where it might be, although more information might be found over at the PBX-in-a-flash forums where Joe spends a lot of time.

I don't think the module was ever that popular within the community, and also don't remember the module ever being a source of issues.