FTP installation

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FTP installation

Hi everyone

I have setup a FreePbx Server with Polycom Phones
I am using PIAF installation

1. I want to be able to setup a FTP site on the PBX Server so that Polycom Phones can retrieve the SIP Configuration files
2. PIAF has a Script to accomplish some of this
3. PIAF has a script to install Polycom phones - I've run this script
4. I have viewed the Polycom CFG files that was generated, SIP.CFG, and maybe something else


1. How do I setup the Passcode for the FTP Server on the PBX machines
2. Once this is accomplished - How Do I test to make sure the FTP Server works

Once again,
Thank you for your time

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Me too...

Have you figured this[FTP] out?

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You will need to setup a user

You will need to setup a user ID on the system. Use the "useradd" command. Then setup a password for the user sing the "passwd" command.