changing ringtones on Cisco SPA504G

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changing ringtones on Cisco SPA504G

Hi All,

Could anyone shed some light on how I tell our SPA504Gs to use a different ring tone, there doesnt seem to be much on line about it.

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You want the Alert-Info field on inbound routes/queues etc. You can then set the built-in ringtones on Linksys/Cisco SPAs using the string:


where "Simple-1" is the ringtone name. The available list is accessible on the handset through ringtones menu option. If you want a different default (where you are not using the Alert-Info SIP header) you need to set that either manually on the handset or through the following element in the XML config deployed to the handset:

<Default_Ring__1__ group="Ext_1/Call_Feature_Settings">10</Default_Ring__1__>

where 10 is the index number of the ring-tone in the list.

There is a method to upload custom ring-tones to the SPA handsets it has two problems. Firstly it is not something easily automated as it is completely separate to the XML provisioning and uses a small desktop application. Secondly you cannot access the ring-tones by manipulating the SIP header, you need to set-up a directory entry on the handset and then assign the custom ring-tone to it.

(This is our experience of SPA942s and SPA504s on current firmware).

Best regards

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SPA504G web interface

SPA504G web interface
Voice, Regional, Distinctive Ring Patterns
Set your cadence pattern/s as desired.