The Community
FreePBX is a community of developers and contributors who devote their work to make complicated phone system software Easy to use and Functional. The reasons for their contribution are varied, some do it for fun while others may commercially benefit, but the common draw is the same.... FreePBX is a better way to run a Phone System.... over 5 million downloads agree.
The FreePBX
We don't have a manifesto, this is an open source software development project, not politics. But we do have a mantra.... Phone system software should be free to those that know what they are doing and want to be the "phone guy", no gimmicks, no up-selling. If you don't want to be the "Phone Guy" or feel better having experts do the dirty work, stay tuned...
A Word About
our Sponsors
FreePBX is sponsored and supported by a number of individuals and companies committed to the FreePBX Mantra.  Schmooze Com Inc. is the Principal corporate sponsor Schmooze offers a commercially supported version of FreePBX, PBXact available through a network of resellers and distributors, and SIP Trunking via SIPSTATION because every phone system needs a phone number and long distance (for those keeping score, it's not mandatory to get SIPSTATION's service with FreePBX products).
FreePBX enjoys strong relationships with Digium, the sponsors of Asterisk, Ward Mundy of Nerd Vittles and PBXiaF.
The heavy lifting of the FreePBX project comes from dozens of developers, testers, contributors and highly active users. Stay tuned for a link that will recognize many of our higly appreciated community members!
Legal Stuff
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