2.7.0 Beta1 Release

As promised we are releasing the Beta 1 of FreePBX 2.7.0. This release is relatively minor though it does have some goodies that will be well received. The biggest change for this release is the new FAX module that will replace the previous FAX abilities in core and add support for Fax For Asterisk (FFA). Legacy FAX support will still be there for those not using FFA.


Planned and Unplanned Outages

We have a planned maintenance outage scheduled soon and have had a few unplanned outages in the past month, so I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on both of these.

First off we were informed of a possible outage as follows:

Start time (central): 10:00pm CST Jan 24
End time (central): 2:00am CST Jan 25
Expected Interruption of Service: less than 20 minute

This outage will effect all FreePBX sites including the Online Module Repository, SVN access, etc.


Upcoming Release Plans in Q1

The development team has been busy as usual on both the v2 and v3 front with some good stuff to come shortly. We are planning to get 2.7 into beta by the end of the month with a fairly short beta cycle to release. The v3 release has been a developers evaluation up until now with some plans to make it into a general evaluation release candidate soon.


FreePBX Intro: Past, Present and Future

In case you missed it, our lead developer Philippe Lindheimer gave a wonderful presentation on FreePBX at Astricon this past Oct. (2009). The presentation gives a very nice overview of FreePBX, its capabilities, and what the future holds. See it here:


Cisco Unified CM 6.1 to Asterisk and FreePBX SIP Trunks (Powered by

One of the systems I manage is an 875 Extension Cisco Unified Call Manager(UCM). At the moment the system uses SCAN trunks for long distance calling. These SCAN Trunks are provided by the state of Washington and interconnect via a four port FXO card. Callers use a PIN to make long distance calls. This is some seriously old school technology and as such has sound quality to match.