Setting Up Voicemail

Setting up Voicemail

Voicemailboxes are typically created when used for the first time.

Assigning Voicemail PasswordsYou must enter a voicemail password when creating an extension enabled with voicemail. Choose a password that is at least 4 digits. Resist the impulse to standardize the default. Most people won't change it, and the system will be insecure.
Instructing New Users

New users should, as matter of policy, be sent an email with both general instructions, their voicemail initial password, and directions to change it.

Voicemail in email feature

In order for these emails to pass through spam filters, the following are recommended:

  1. Set your hostname to be a fully-qualified domain name. Use if you don't want to pay for a real one.
  2. Don't send from dynamic IP addresses.

Voicemail pager feature

This gives a short description of the message envelope, suitable for emailing to a wireless carrier's email gateway.

Voicemail Locator (VMX) Feature

This optional feature lets users set up a short menu before voicemail takes the actual message. Common options are 'press 1 for my cell, 2 for my assistant or just leave a message after the tone.' 


It's commonplace to have to reset the passwords as people leave the company.


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