How-Tos and Tutorials on Other Sites

How-Tos and Tutorials on Other Sites

There are many other sites that offer Tutorials and How-Tos that could be of interest to FreePBX users. Some of these were written with a particular distribution in mind, but may be usable (or at least get you started in the right direction) if you use a different distribution. We have NOT tested most of these, and simply offer links to these sites as a convenience - in other words, if something doesn't work as expected, take it up with the author of the article (although if things really go badly, you may wish to post a comment to that effect on this page). Also note that many of these articles may have at least some outdated information.

If you should discover a dead link, please keep in mind that you may still be able to view the page by right-clicking on the link, copying the link (the URL) to your clipboard, then going to the Wayback Machine and pasting the link in there, then clicking the "Take Me Back" button. Or, if you copy and paste the link title into Google, you may find that Google has a cached copy of the page.

From the Best of Nerd Vittles site:

From the Elastix Forum:

From the ElastixConnection site:

From the Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband blog:

From Moshe's Blog:

From the Nerd Vittles site:

From the PBX in a Flash Forum:

From the site:
NOTE: This site has a tremendous amount of information about Asterisk and VoIP in general. The following links just scratch the surface...

From various sites not listed above:

If you have found an especially informative how-to or tutorial page on another site, please leave a comment. I reserve the right to delete any comments that appear to be thinly-disguised spam.