Ring Groups

This defines a 'virtual' extension that rings a group of phones
simultaneously, stopping when any one of them is picked up. This is
basically just a dumber version of Queues for those that don't need the
extra functionality of it.

Add Ring Group

Group Number
This is the number that is dialled from any extension that will make all of the phones in the group ring.

Ring Strategy

  • ringall: Ring all available channels until one answers (this is the default)
  • hunt: Take turns ringing each available extension
  • memoryhunt: Ring first extension in the list, then ring the 1st and 2nd extension, then ring 1st 2nd and 3rd extension in the list.... etc.
  • *-prim: These modes act as described above. However, if the primary extension (first in list) is occupied, the other extensions will not be rung. If the primary is FreePBX DND, it won't be rung. If the primary is FreePBX CF unconditional, then all will be rung
  • firstavailable: Ring only the first available channel
  • firstnotonphone: ring only the first channel which is not offhook - ignore CW

Extension List
List extensions to ring, one per line. You can include an
extension on a remote system, or an external number by suffixing a
number with a hash (#). ex: 2448089# would dial 2448089 on the
appropriate trunk (see Outbound Routes)

CID Name prefix
You can optionally prefix the Caller ID name when ringing
extensions in this group. ie: If you prefix with "Sales:", a call from
John Doe would display as "Sales:John Doe" on the extensions that ring.
(Note, you can't use a space here.)

Ring Time
How long (in seconds) the group of phones will ring before
'failing' and doing the options specified below. This is not related to
the 'hunt' ring strategy above, but is the total length of time a call
will stay in the group before using the 'Destination if no answer'

Destination if no answer
This gives you a selection of things to do when the call exceeds
the 'Ring Time' specified above. Options may be added and removed from
this list depending on the modules that are installed. See Destinations for more information.

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Ring Groups:
Ring groups are used to call a number of extensions randomly / simultaneously. There are a number of strategies which can be used to configure a new ring group. Only you have to do is to give the following modules.

Group Description: Name
Ring Group: A number used to dial a ring group.
Ring Strategy: Ring all, ring prime, hunt, hunt prime, memory hunt.
Extension List: Users extensions, mobile numbers (# is must after cell #)
Ring Time: Maximum time in sec to ring an extension.
Announcements: Use announcements if any.
Play music on hold: Upload .wav / mp3 files to listen at hold.

Destination if there is no answer.
IVR: Transfers the call to the appropriate IVR if not answered.
Core Hangup, congestion, busy, on hold, voicemails, extensions.
Ring Groups: Try another ring group.
Custom App:

I have used the following configurations.
Ring group number: This is used to dial a ring group. You can enter a number that will be dialled to start a ring group call. e.g. 600, 601, 300, etc
Ring Group Name: To specify a ring group according to its location, function etc, you can give a name to a ring group. E.g. I have given the ring group name for system hall extensions as “Systems”.
Ring Strategy: These are different ways that how you can call to the extensions.
Ring all: All the extensions listed in the group will be dialled at the same
Hunt: It take turns ringing each extension.
Memory Hunt: The extensions will be dialled in the order as they are listed in
the extension list until the call is answered by someone. i.e. 1st, 1st
and 2nd, 1st 2nd and 3rd, etc.

I have made three groups, 600, 601, 602. Each group is having a different ring group strategy.
Extensions: Enter the extension numbers which you want to add in the ring group. If you are entering a mobile number you will have to end it with a # sign.
I have entered my extension numbers 201 and 202 in the ring groups.
CID name prefix: This prefix will be added to your name and will be displayed on the screen to whom you are ringing. E.g. System: Shahab
Ring Time: The maximum time required to ring an extension. Maximum it is 60 sec. The default ringing time is 40 sec.
Announcements: You can save different announcements to be used in the ring groups.
Play music on hold: If the calling/called party puts you on hold you can listen music of your choice instead of tone. You can upload mp3/.wav files.

Destinations if no answer.
The following options can be if in the ring group if the called user group does not answers the call.
IVR: If the called group does not answer the call in the given time transfer the call to IVR (if you have selected this)
Core: If the called ring group does not answer the call in the given time, the calling party should
Hang up / Congestion / Busy / Hold for ever / Play SIT tone / try this extension (e.g. 201) / Go to voice mail for the extension (e.g. 202)
Ring Group: If the called ring group does not answer the call in the given time, the calling party should try another ring group. (e.g. 600, 601, 602)

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Excuse me if someone already asked this question, but where is it possible to download all these modules?
When I try to download with FreePBX Module Administration own server, it says that "Online modules are not available".
Is someone have an idea?

Thanks for help

fskrotzki's picture

Doing it via the Web interface as you described is the prefered method. The message you are getting can be caused by several possible things.

Can this box get outside to begin with. i.e. if you do ping www.google.com at the linux command line do you get it resolving to a ip? If not then you most likely have a dns resolution problem. If it can do you have a firewall inbetween? a Proxy? As the module update interface does not work with proxy setups currently. If a firewall it might be content filtering that is causing a problem. Disable it and try again.

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Ok thanks, I try to check that

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I have the problem that only ringall works with my freepbx, any of the others ring strategies won't work. I have checked all the obvious, like the updates, the extensions I am using, the proper configuration of the ring group, and everything looks fine.

Can somebody get me an idea or suggestion or the solution?


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Hi Guys
I have an ‘interesting’ issue with Ring Groups – I have 4 Ring Groups – 612, 613, 614 & 615. The first group takes the main incoming number and rings extensions 200 and 201 the two reception numbers.

If they are not available or answered within 20 seconds the call drops through (Destination if no answer: ring group 613) to the next group and so on until the end of group 615 which forwards the call back to the voicemail box for 200. Each group is configured for 20 seconds ring duration.

An external incoming call appears to terminate after about 25 seconds when in the middle of ringing the second group ( I can see this happening on the console) and drops straight to the voicemail box.

If I ring the group 612 internally, the intended process flows correctly!
Two things: – what is happening with the external calls and where do I change where the voicemail message is picking up the inbound ‘account’ number from – I would rather it say the external called phone number!

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I have teh same issue like you above. So did you have a solution for your problem when you want to put somr ring groups together!
Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards

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Hi there.

How can I make the ring time forever?

I know I can set the "destination if no answer" the the same ring group, but then there is a missed call for every 60 seconds (the maximum ring time I can set) on every extension of that ring group...

Any sugestions?

Shouldn't the maximun ring time of 60 seconds not exist?

Or an option of zero seconds (or empty field) be accepted as forever?

Best Regards.

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Hi, can someone offer a tip?

I've directed one inbound route to a ring group. It's a phone number that's used primarily by the alarm company, to call our premises when a suspicious event occurs outside business hours. I want anybody on site to answer, as some people may come outside business hours for valid reasons.

The problem is that some people forward their extensions to their cell or home phones when they are away. If nobody on site answers the call during the first few seconds, it is forwarded to one of those people. I really don't want that. I'd rather have the call terminate after the set delay.

So the question is: is it possible to either not ring extensions that have been forwarded, or to ignore indivudual forwardings when the call is made to a ring group? If the answer is no, then it seems like a useful option to be added.


In the ring group's settings, the checkbox "Ignore CF settings" would be designed for this purpose, if my informations are correct.

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Hi, I've a problem.
When i put 2 external number in call group one of these is called.

Can you help me?

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only one of these.

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We had the same issue: our SIP provider changed the behaviour that simultanous calls where not allowed => only one (the first by accident) line was ringing.
Cheers Petr

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As the subject states the mailbox full message comes up even though the mailboxes are empty.

Not sure how to investigate this.

The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know and that just pissed me right off!