The boss-secretary module creates a special ring group which includes one or more "bosses" and one or more "secretaries". When someone calls the boss' extension, the secretary (or secretaries) extension will ring too, allowing the secretary to answer his or her boss' call.

Additionally one may define one or more chiefs, who may call the boss directly, without ringing the secretary's extension.

The module includes codes for activating, deactivating and toggling the groups' state. For example, when a secretary ends her working day, she may turn off the boss-secretary group dialing *255<ext number>, so her boss will receive calls directly.

The module generates the appropriate hints to have ip phones show the groups state by subscribing to the *255<ext number> extension.

Note: this module send an alert info of type alert-group to ip phones, so we recommend to set up the boss' phone so its ring tone is silent or very quiet when receiving an alert info of type alert-group; this way, the boss won't be distracted by phone calls which are being processed by his or her secretary. Calls from the secretary to the boss will ring normally.

The latest release can be found at:


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Link is fixed.