Caller ID Superfecta

Caller ID Superfecta


This module installs the Caller ID Superfecta (a utility program which adds incoming CallerID name lookups to your Asterisk system using several different sources: AsteriDex, the Google Phonebook, AnyWho, and WhitePages, to name only a few) as a FreePBX Module. As a Module, the Configuration items can be changed from the Web UI.

Notes on version 2.2.2:

Caller ID Superfecta is an easy to install module designed for use with almost any Asterisk/FreePBX/MySQL PBX distribution. It is user interface driven, and requires no special technical capabilities to install and configure.

Version 2.2.2 of the caller ID Superfecta provides worldwide caller ID lookup from multiple sources, and provides support for international caller ID formats of all varieties.

This most recent release of the Caller ID Superfecta includes 27 different data sources, and supports multiple caller ID schemes, that allow the PBX administrator unparalleled flexibility in configuration of inbound caller ID functions. More data sources are added frequently. And just the make sure your Superfecta keeps working at its peak, all data sources can be updated and new sources added online with the click of a mouse using Caller ID Superfecta live data source update – and its all built right into the module.


This module depends up the Asterisk DB AMP user ID and password being set at their default values. The module script may be edited to reflect your actual id and passwords if you have changed them.

This module is compatible with the security models used in the following distributions:

Fonicatec PABX
PBX In A Flash
Elastix *See Special Installation Steps

Full installation instructions and a link to download the latest release can be found at:

The principal community discussion thread for the module is located here.

Release Announcement:

Theory of Operation v 2.0.0:


dbriggs54's picture

I installed they module

it ask for a user name and password. i have try everything. what is it?

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First of all, for questions about third-party software, it's best to post them in a place where the author will likely see them, such as (in this case) the PBX in a Flash forum thread on the subject. Documentation pages are not usually the best place for usage questions.

That said, have you tried it without entering a name and password? It may work without them.

The questions you should be asking is, why does the page not explain which user name and password they are looking for? And if it's one of the ones stored in a plain text file on the system (such as etc/amportal.conf, why isn't the module simply reading the text file to get those values, rather than forcing the user to ponder over which ones are required and then enter them manually? Extracting information from a plain-text data file is programming 101.

If it's NOT something found in amportal.conf or some other file, then the module page should clearly and explicitly state which user name and password are being asked for, so you don't need to guess. Hope you find the answer you are looking for.

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Superfecta does not require to enter any password as it is read from amportal.conf.

Many new US and European lookup sources available.
Many local database lookup sources available also (SugarCRM, Asteridex, OpenXML79xx, cache, ...)

This module rocks and should be included in the third party freepbx extended repository.
It does work great with Freepbx 2.6

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I am pleased to announce to release of Caller ID Superfecta: THE MODULE v2.2.1.

The module take less than a minute to install, supports worldwide Caller ID schemes, and has 25 built in data sources.

The module works with most distributions - including TrixBoxCE.

Drop by and check it out.

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Can this module work with digest authentication ? I think it only can use basic.

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Is there any development toward adding OpenCNAM as a data source?


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Every module in this was removed for sweden, i have before when is this coming back ?

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I have scripts for:,,, and, but I do not know how to publish this to POSSA Caller-ID-Superfecta on Github!?

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I am interested in the scripts for Sweden. Can you please share them with me. I'm using FreePBX under PIAF and my installed version of Superfecta is 2.11.10.