Hotel Style WakeUp Calls

Hotel Style WakeUp Calls


This module installs the Hotel Style Wake Up Calls software as a FreePBX Module.

As a Module, the Feature Code may be managed by FreePBX Feature Code page.


This Module requires php v 5.x on the platform, due to the use of db classes introduced in that version.

This module is compatible with the security models used in the following distributions:

Fonicatec PABX
PBX In A Flash

Full installation instructions and a link to download the latest release can be found at:

Additional/alternate instructions and download link (may have older version of the software):


rcecinati's picture

hello ,
is it possible to have international wakeup messages? I have been trying to put translated messages underneath my "xx" subdir (xx as country code), but the app seems not to pick them up.

Thank you!

Riccardo Cecinati

mlgreene's picture

Is it possible to change the message that plays when you answer your wake up call? ("Hello. This is your wake up call...") I want to keep the snooze announcements though.

Matthew Greene

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The wakeup call module doesn't work quite right when FreePBX is in Device-and-User mode. In this mode, devices (extensions) have one set of extension numbers and users have a different set of numbers. In my installation (a hot-desking facility) the devices are in 6000-6999 range and users are in 7000-7999 range. Users are either assigned to an extension administratively, or they can log in/out of any device using *11/*12 - this works great in a hot-desking setup.

In this mode, calling a device (6xxx) does not work, only the users (7xxx) can be called.

Unfortunately, the Wakeup module is picking up the device extension instead of the user extension when an alarm call is set. Then when it tries to make the wakeup call, it tries to call the _device_ and that call fails - the user doesn't get their wakeup call.

It's the same when configuring admin extensions. The Wakeup module will not recognise User extensions, only Device extensions.

--Tim Long

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you may want to check on the PBX in a Flash forums to see if they have addressed this or if they can, as I believe that is probably the active project who might be maintaining this module to some extent.

Dean.Collins's picture

looks like this URL is dead -

Is this module current and working or is it no longer supported or available?

p_lindheimer's picture

I don't know what is the latest for it but I just put a copy that I happen to have running on my system in the contributed_modules directory that includes some fixes for phones that are configured in FreePBX to always auto-answer.

If there is a later one floating around someone should comment on and/or update that in the contributed_modules directory.

Btw … if there is someone who wants to signup to maintain this module we can move it to the online repository as we have with other modules that are "unsupported" but have a sponsor that is keeping after them.

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This module has been resurrected and recently re-released.

Issue tracker, Wiki and downloads are here:

voipmuch's picture

Hi lgaetz,

We use your updated Hotel Style Wakeup calls module.

Everything is working perfectly, and your enhancements are fantastic.
Except that the module does not support the Device and User setup. Wakeup calls keep trying to goto the device ID and not the Extension number.

Your module is much better than the one we used prior, but that one did support devices and users.

Could you please add support for Devices and Users... as we are presently unable to use your module due to this.

If we could also make a couple of other requests (in order of preference):

1) User page so users can create/edit their own wakeup calls from the FreePBX User Portal.

2) Ability to set a recurring wakeup call (with option to exclude sat/sun).

Many thanks.

WobblyWombat's picture

With version 2.11.1, I found that the module configuration form boxes were always empty on the Wake Up Calls admin screen even though, when new values were submitted, they were correctly stored in the database. Also, call files were being created with missing values for configured items. Consequently, wake up calls presented incorrect call display info and were never retried when unanswered. These problems stemmed from the fact that the hotelwakeup_getconfig function in hotelwakeup/ was failing to correctly access the database row, (probably because, for some reason, the asterisk database was not the most recent database connection). After making the following change to this function, everything started to work as it should.

function hotelwakeup_getconfig() {
// this function gets the values from the wakeup database, and returns them in an associative array
$sql = "SELECT * FROM hotelwakeup LIMIT 1";
//DW: Following line added to replace subsequent two lines
//$query = mysql_query($sql); //Dubiously relies on asterisk database being the last db connection!
//$results = mysql_fetch_array($query, MYSQL_BOTH);
return $results;

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This is pretty old documentation, please open a bug report at

Preston McNair | FreePBX/Schmooze Com, Inc