Time Conditions

Time Conditions are a module that appears as a destination when
installed. It allows you to do an 'if' based on the current Time,
Weekday, Day of the Month, or Month. At the moment it's reasonably
basic with no support for 'AND' or 'OR', but you can chain together
time conditions to do the same thing.

Time Condition Name
A short name which is used to identify the Time Condition in a destination.

Time Condition
Select from the pull down menus the time range that you want to use. Note that '-' means 'Any'.

You have a choice of two destinations,
depending on wether the time is matched or not. You can chain together
time conditions to get an 'OR' or 'AND' effect. Unfortunately, there's
no easy way to do that... at the moment!

Example of OR
Lets say you want Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 12pm to go to IVR1, whilst all the rest of the time, it goes to IVR2.

  • Timecond1 Match Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

    • True: Goto IVR1
    • False: Goto Timecond2

  • Timecond2: Match Sat, 9am-12pm

    • True: Goto IVR1
    • False: Goto IVR2

Example of AND
On Between 9am and 5pm on Monday and Wednesday, go to IVR2. Otherwise go to IVR1.

  • Timecond1: Match 9am-5pm

    • True: Goto Timecond2
    • False: Goto IVR1

  • Timecond2: Match Monday

    • True: Goto IVR2
    • False: Goto Timecond3

  • Timecond3: Match Wednesday

    • True: Goto IVR2
    • False: Goto IVR1

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nsims2425's picture

My company has meetings on Mondays and Fridays. I would like to know (or be pointed to some literature that explains) how to setup an automatic forward for all calls to the answering service that we have employed. In the time conditions area, there's no place that lets me know that it will forward all incoming calls to the main receptionist phone because there's no where to input it the receptionist's main number. I also tried to manipulate the feature codes to have it automatically foward to a number I input from an extension, but still no joy. I only get the ringing or hold music. Please help.

fskrotzki's picture

Take your inbound route and point it at the time condition. it then decides what has to be done before it routes to the extension.

compused's picture

time conditions (=TC) in my asterisk / freepbx framework
( TC module) seem to execute chronologically by calender week, beginning with whatever TC contains the Monday entry. Asterisk does not immediately go to the TC of the day or time.

So any daisy chaining must take this into account. I found for example, if it was a Thursday, asterisk/freepbx would firstly execute the Monday TC, and then because no match was found (ie it was Thursday, not Monday), the system would execute whatever was listed as the 'destination if no answer' of the Monday TC (so this should be the *next* TC in the chain). Only the *last* TC in the chain should contain the 'after hours' or similar entry.


Michael Daly