Seeking Feedback on New Website Design

This summer seems to be flying by so fast its been a while since I’ve blogged on the various activities back in “FreePBX Central.” In December we [url=/news/2011-12-14/server-progress-and-plans] took our first steps updating the website and mirror infrastructure[/url] and with over half a year behind us, the new and redundant environment has proven itself to be a great success! Thanks again to Schmoozecom Inc. for all the help and support on that big feat! With that behind us, we’re embarking on the second phase of our upgrade!

The current site is comprised of two primary components, the forums, blogs and documentation which reside on a very dated version of Drupal, and the ticketing and source code system running on trac. Our plan is to refresh the Drupal website with the newest version of Drupal and give it a compete facelift. On the trac side of things, we have some thoughts and plans for big changes but will focus on the website look and feel for this blog post!

In the spirit of this project, we want this facelift to be something that our community stands behind and has a lot of fun with! For those who don’t know him, we thought it was time for our favorite mascot, [url=/tango]tango[/url] to be a big part of the new design where we can start to have a lot of fun with him! So … without further ado we would love to hear your feedback on the following design concept generously offered up as a starting discussion point by Shaun, the VP of Creative Design at Schmooze Com, Inc.

Let us know what you think and any ideas or other feedback that comes to mind for this!

Reply here with your thoughts! Like it, don’t like it, feedback and suggestions about the concept, etc! We want to hear from you! Keep in mind this is a concept so don’t sweat the small stuff, there’ll be plenty of time to fine tune it, keep consistency, etc. Once we hear back we’ll take your feedback to move this in the right direction to a great and refreshing new look! Bring those comments on!

[b]Philippe[/b] – On behalf of the FreePBX Team!