FreePBX 15 is Released!

Hello Everyone!

We’d like to announce that FreePBX 15 is now fully released! It has been a long road in getting things shored up with some of the new included functionality but we’re very excited that we’ve finally come to this moment. I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who have helped to test, submit bugs, submit patches, answer questions on the forums, and otherwise participated in getting this release out. It takes the diligent efforts of many to ensure that everything comes together.

As a final note, updated ISOs should be available on the download site with updated versions of SangomaOS and FreePBX 15. Thanks so much again, and happy upgrade/release day to you all!

– The FreePBX Dev Team

FreePBX Team Update


The last few blog posts we’ve done have been technical, so this week I’d like to take a step back from that and introduce you to some recent additions to the FreePBX team. As a company, we have been redoubling our investment into the FreePBX project, and it’s good from a community perspective to see some of the fruits of those efforts.

The first person is Walter Moon (picture above). Walter began his career in telecommunications back in 2005 at Switchvox, during its earlier days. “During my time in multiple roles with Switchvox, I built a good understanding of how companies use a PBX, and what they expect from them. That perspective really helps when I approach things as a developer.” After joining the FreePBX team in June of this year, he’s looking forward to what’s to come, saying “I’m happy to be on board as a developer for the FreePBX team. The benefits of being an open source project are notable, and it’s exciting when there’s a strong community contributing in numerous ways. It keeps things interesting. I always liked FreePBX as a product. It offers so much for so little cost. It’s something I’d use myself, and I like that.“ When he’s not working, Walter likes to spend his time tinkering with cars, and playing video games.

Another recent addition is Matt Brooks (also pictured above). Like Walter, Matt also began his career at Digium in 2005. For the most part, Matt has worked many years behind the scenes at Digium and Sangoma building the website infrastructure and business systems. “I’m excited to make the transition from a supporting development role to an active product development role in FreePBX. I have been playing around with Linux and Open Source software since I was a teenager and finally getting the opportunity to work on a Great Open Source Project, such as FreePBX, has always been a dream of mine. I have many ideas for the project and I can’t wait to see how I can apply them to help push the project forward.” Matt’s hobbies outside of work include building and supporting local tech communities in Huntsville, AL by organizing technical workshops and innovation competitions through local non-profit Urban Engine. Here, Matt has been key in organizing many events such as the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, the Hudson Alpha Tech Challenge, HackHSV High School Hackathon, and 4 Hours to Product.

I think we’re excited as a team to see them grow into their roles as FreePBX developers and start interacting with different members of the community. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Matt and Walter a bit better, and best wishes to you all!

– Matthew Fredrickson

FreePBX 15 Release Candidate Announcement

Hey All,

Before I get down to business, I’d like to introduce myself to you, as I don’t think I’ve had an opportunity to do so. My name is Matthew Fredrickson, and I’m the new FreePBX project lead at Sangoma. I began working at Sangoma as a part of the Digium acquisition and have had the role of Asterisk project lead for the last few years. After Andrew decided to leave Sangoma, the leadership at Sangoma asked me if I would be willing to step in and work with the many great developers and community members of FreePBX in addition to those of the Asterisk project. Taking on that mantle from Andrew has been no small undertaking, but has been an enjoyable opportunity for me to grow as well.

My background in telecommunications started in 2001 when Mark Spencer asked me to work for him doing open source software development with Asterisk. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to do extensive work on DAHDI, Asterisk, and many of Digium’s traditional telephony products. The acquisition by Sangoma allowed both Digium’s and Sangoma’s world class teams to come together and try to improve our part of the telecom industry in a more synergistic way.

All that being said, my goal today is not to go extensively into my own past, but to write about the present. Today, we’d like to announce that the FreePBX 15 branch is graduating from beta into a release candidate phase. This is the final step that will take place prior to an official FreePBX 15 release. The goal is to have an approximately 4 week period in the release candidate phase and have all major issues and regressions resolved by the end of the month, at around Astricon time (Oct 28-Oct 30 or so). So for those of you who like to test new releases, please do your best to test things in the FreePBX 15 branch so that we can get as many pesky bugs knocked out as possible prior to a final release.

In conclusion, I want to thank all of you that contribute regularly to the FreePBX project – whether it be in the forums answering questions, doing code level contributions, or all the many other ways there are to directly and indirectly contribute. I have learned in my work with the Asterisk project that it takes a lot of time and effort from not just one, but many individuals to help make all the parts of an open source project to run smoothly.

Also, be on the lookout over the next few weeks for a few blog posts editorializing some of the new features in FreePBX 15.

Happy testing to you all, and best wishes!

Matthew Fredrickson