Beta2 already here, RC1 Yet? – FreePBX Training Anyone?

I’m super excited to see how well everything is progressing so here I am again to bring status about the 2.9 release and news about an up coming [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]FreePBX Open Telephony Training Seminar![/url] What a great chance to get familiarized with all the great new features in version 2.9 then attending the next training. We are also really excited to add a new class to the program on FreePBX Call Centers (Queues Module and a lot more). If your organization has any type of inbound call center then read on below as this is interesting to you.

[b]FreePBX 2.9 Beta Program[/b]

Progress continues as we’re heading for the home stretch! I opened the flood gates last weekend by making the Version Upgrade Tool available on the 2.8 repository. What this means is that lots and lots of new beta testers join in on the fun and drive us that much closer to a final release. Since many of you have lives and thus don’t hang out and read this blog every week (shame on you!) this is how many people find out there is a beta to be had, because their system suddenly tells them there is a new module available and with a few mouse clicks, they are on their way.

As a result the testing has increased at a very fast rate and we are already past 1000 beta testers since the flood gates have been open. This has uncovered a handful of very minor bugs which are being closed about as fast as they are being reported. The encouraging thing is that not many are being reported which means it’s time to start thinking about moving to a release candidate! We actually did a ‘stealth’ beta2 release just yesterday which simply means we bumped the version without making a lot of noise and packaged up a new tarball for download. Feedback about your experiences on this blog is always welcome since not too many people file tickets that say “it’s working” (and please don’t) but your experiences here are welcome.

As always you can see all the progress and as much detail as you would care to on [url=/trac/milestone/2.9]the 2.9 Milestone[/url] and I’m sure that will give you a first hand view on just how much has gone into this release! With the beta program winding down meaning the gates are basically locked on new features, it’s time for many of us to start thinking about what comes next! There are some great ideas that have been put up on the [url=/trac/milestone/2.10]the 2.10 Milestone[/url] where feedback and comments are very welcome as well. We’ve also got some fun surprises that a few folks are silently working on in the background so stay tuned!

[b]FreePBX / OTTS Training[/b]

It’s been a while since we did our last [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]FreePBX Open Telephony Training Seminar![/url] and we’ve had a lot of people asking us about it so here we are to announce the next event and hope to see some of you there! We’ve picked a great central location in Cleveland, Ohio at a facility called the Polaris Career Center that has excellent facilities and is located right next to the airport providing great convenience. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should not be too far either! Come join us May 10-13th.

[b][i]Advanced Training & FreePBX Call Centers[/i][/b] With all that has been going on with FreePBX, this class will be valuable to both new students and some of you past attendees may want to consider coming back form a refresher! (hint – if they are listed as a [i]Leap Frog[/i] in the forums then they probably attended one of our classes.) We will be updating much of the material to reflect many of the changes and as always, there will be invaluable nuggets of knowledge that can only be had at such a class. We are also really excited to offer a [b]NEW[/b] one day class on [b]FreePBX Inbound Call Centers![/b] This class is either available as the fourth day of the overall training (with a significant discount) OR as a single day class for past class attendees or those who feel they have an adequate base knowledge to take this advanced class. We put this class together based on feedback from many past class participants and many experiences dealing with paid support and professional services customers!

We anticipate both of these classes to fill up quickly so sign up soon and make sure to reserve your space!

For now, it’s time to have a look at the VERY FEW remaining 2.9 tickets and see what we can do about getting them closed!

[b]Philippe[/b] – On behalf of the FreePBX and OTTS Team!