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Visit, where your question is most likely answered. Visit the Wiki.

If you cannot find the answer to your question from our wiki, you can check the FreePBX forums, which are very active with our community members. Visit FreePBX Forums.
Phone Support
If you need dedicated assistance with your technical needs, Sangoma Support is here to help. View Sangoma Support Options.

You may also check the below FAQs before opting for any of the above methods.


How do I install FreePBX onto my own hardware?
Follow the FreePBX Official Distro Guide on the FreePBX wiki.
If I install FreePBX on my own hardware, what are the requirements?
Depending on the number of users and concurrent calls required for your deployment, the hardware requirements will differ. The hardware specifications we use at Sangoma for our own appliances can be found here. Find one that closely matches your user and concurrent call requirements, and you can start from there.
I have a technical issue with my FreePBX installation and need some help.
How do I get help on this?
There are 3 ways to get technical support assistance for FreePBX:

  1. You can post your question on the FreePBX Forums. Since the forums are very active you will most likely receive a response from community members very quickly.
  2. Visit the FreePBX wiki at Here, we have full documentation on FreePBX, including installation, administration manuals, and troubleshooting techniques.
  3. Contact Sangoma Technical Support. This is a paid support service, which is hourly, so you pay for only what you need. Sangoma engineers will assist you from start to finish, and you can guarantee quality support from our team. For more information on hourly support services, please visit FreePBX Paid Support.
I want more details on the type of commercial modules available for FreePBX.
Where do I go?
You can find details by visiting our Commercial Products web page.
I want to buy commercial modules for my FreePBX system. Where do I go?
Read Installing Purchased Commercial Modules on the FreePBX wiki.
I bought FreePBX commercial modules, but I don’t know how to install them.
Visit Installing Purchased Commercial Modules on the FreePBX wiki to find full instructions.
I want to install FreePBX commercial modules, but my FreePBX system is not activated.
How do I activate my FreePBX system?
Visit System Admin Activation on the FreePBX wiki for full instructions.
What IP phones are supported with the FreePBX EndPoint Manager (EPM)?
A list of all supported IP phones is located here.
Note: A license is required to use EPM for non-Sangoma phones. Sangoma IP phones come with a full lifetime license for EPM.
How do I connect my Sangoma IP phones to FreePBX?
I bought Sangoma IP phones for FreePBX, but I need help connecting or registering them.
Visit the FreePBX wiki for assistance with Connecting Sangoma Phones to FreePBX.