FreePBX Website is Back up

After 24 hours of non stop work by us we are going live with the new web site. This new website has been months of work and we hope the users enjoy it.

As we all know their will be a few days of getting use to things and us tweaking items that are still not 100% done.

One of the new features we are working daily on is an updated and easy to use wiki/documentation site. We encourage users to start using the new wiki and keep a watch on things as we keep adding new content over the next month. And if you would like to help get involved in writing documentation please contact myself through Private Message.

The one thing that is still not working is the trac site. We currently use trac for feature and bug tickets. We hope to have this back up and working in the next 24 hours.

Feel free to comment in the new Forum Section called Website and create forum post on any issues or suggestions in regards to the new website.