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For A Limited Time Get SysAdmin Pro FREE When You Upgrade to FreePBX 12!

For over a decade millions of people have been relying on FreePBX for their business communications. FreePBX has come a long way since the early days of just building config files for Asterisk. The latest version of FreePBX is chock-full of advanced features that will take your communications to the next level, providing a truly unifying experience across multiple devices and platforms. Upgrade to the latest stable version of FreePBX today and get one of our most popular commercial module add-ons for free as a thank you from Sangoma for being an active part of the FreePBX community.

Here are some compelling reasons to upgrade, along with new features available in FreePBX 12 and higher:

  • New User Control Panel (UCP) that replaced the ARI interface. Provides a responsive interface for users to interact with FreePBX. UCP functions and looks great on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
    • Presence – Set and automate call control based on defined presence states.
    • Call History – Includes in-browser playback of call recordings.
    • Customizable Widgets/RSS Feeds
    • End User Settings – Find Me/Follow Me, Personal IVR, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb
    • Voicemail – Control greetings directly via your browser, visual voicemail to listen and manage existing calls/voicemail settings.
    • WebRTC Phone – Place and receive calls from your extension using the WebRTC phone enabled within UCP.
    • Paid Add-ons – Fax Pro: Send and receive faxes from UCP, Conference Pro: View, monitor and manage your assigned conference rooms, SMS Support in UCP for SIPStation customers, Instant Messaging support for users of the XMPP Chat Pro module.
  • Support for both Asterisk 11 and 13.
  • Support for both chan_sip and the newer PJSIP Channel Drivers in Asterisk.
  • Secure Module Signing – Built in signature verification system for all official modules so you, the end user, can easily tell if a module has been modified unexpectedly (such as a security vulnerability or malicious module).
  • Parking now supports Direct Slot Parking, allowing you to park callers to specific extensions.
  • Direct browser playback of call recordings via HTML5 integration into the CDR Reports.
  • Module Administration Updates allowing you to easily roll back module updates, and select stable or beta release tracks of individual modules.
  • New System Dashboard that provides you a quick overview of key system components, statistics on uptime and system statistics such as CPU, memory, disk and network usage.
  • Support for the new Asterisk REST Interface, which opens up many internal Asterisk capabilities to a whole new audience of developers!


SysAdmin Pro Free License – What does it do?

Keep your system up-to-date, and manage and configure administrative functions of your FreePBX 12 system using our intuitive web-based System Admin Pro module.

SysAdmin Pro Menu

Dynamic DNS
Provides a URL that will point to the External IP address of your PBX. Perfect for systems without static IP addresses. You can specify the update interval.

Email Setup
Specify external email server information for system notifications, such as voicemail to email. Enables you to configure both external SMTP credentials, as well as services like Gmail.

UPS Management
UPS Management is used to properly shutdown your PBX in case of power loss and alert you to power related issues.

Update Management
At a glance check your FreePBX system versions, view available updates and schedule when updates are applied to the system.

Secure Connections to FreePBX Professional Support
Enable VPN tunnels to allow the support team to access your system if you need support.

FTP Server
Enable and disable TFTP and FTP servers and set a FTP username and password.

Additional Add-ons to Enhance FreePBX

SysAdmin Pro is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great add-ons for FreePBX. We have some bundles that combine popular features that you will want on every system. Or you can purchase modules a la carte and just add the features you need for a specific install.


System Builder Basic
$114 off retail price of
individual modules

EndPoint Manager
FreePBX Phone Apps
SysAdmin Pro
Extension Routing


Call Center Builder
$599 off retail price of
individual modules

QXact Reports
Call Recording Reports
Class of Service
Extension Routing
Pinset Pro
Conference Pro
Caller ID Management
Outbound Call Limiting
Virtual Queue Plus with the NEW Queue Callback feature!

The FreePBX EcoSystem provides you with the Freedom and Flexibility to custom design business communications around your needs. View this webinar to learn about some of the certified add-ons for FreePBX.

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