Open Telephone Training Seminar Announcement

We are please to announce the first and only FreePBX® sponsored training seminar focused 100% on the FreePBX/Asterisk market. We have asked for your feedback and listened to your responses. We talked with many of you who have attended other related training seminars and designed ours to fill in the void where the others leave off. We have talked with many customers and resellers to learn what areas you can best benefit from in a training. The resulting program will teach advanced topics to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer FreePBX/Asterisk systems.

We also heard many of you respond to the suggestion from Uncle Ward (Nerd Vittles) to offer our first training in his home town of Charleston, SC. Since this met the criteria of reasonable cost flights and hotel accommodations we have chosen to have the Nerd Vittles team as our resident host!

Where: Historic Charleston, SC
When: February 27-29th, 2008 (and evening reception February 26th)
More Info: Open Telephony Training Seminar Details

If you have had some initial exposure to FreePBX/Asterisk or can spend some time between now and the class to get the very basics down, then this class is for you. If you have taken previous trainings and are looking for the additional depth, the tricks and customization areas that only the developers of FreePBX can teach you then sign up. If you are looking to learn details of the PBX SMB market, and how to successfully sell, brand and, market this solution then come join us in Historic Charleston. If you are a successful reseller looking to gain that extra edge and learn how to work closer with the project and influence the development and direction, we would love to have you join us!

We are offering a great special for those of you who sign up in the first week so take advantage of this year’s budget and 2007 tax deductions. Starting January 1st we will offer a significant earlybird discount for a limited number of seats so sign up now and be part of the this sure-to-be-memorable first training with the FreePBX team. Uncle Ward and the Nerd Vittles crew has promised to make sure you receive the hospitality that the South is so well known for!

Get the details and sign up for the Open Source Telephone Seminar here.

For now, we hope you are having a great holiday season!

Philippe – On behalf of the FreePBX and Open Source Telephony Seminar teams!