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Click to Call

Zulu UC enables you to click-to-call within email, contact lists and websites. The Click to Call feature is currently supported for Microsoft Outlook 2010 or newer, Google Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Call pop settings allow you to have the PBX inform Zulu to open a web browser on a per inbound route or queue level in your PBX GUI. This is ideal integration for CRM and Help Desk systems.


With SIPStation Trunking and SMS enabled, you can send SMS messages from both Outlook and the Zulu UC Widget in addition to UCP. You can also receive SMS notifications direct from your desktop, and reply to messages stored under your Outlook Inbox.


If you have the Fax Pro module and Faxing enabled, you can send faxes from both Outlook and the Zulu UC Widget in addition to UCP. You can also view received faxes the same way you view emails under your Outlook Inbox, where you then save the attached fax wherever you’d like.


Visit the Wiki

The FreePBX Wiki is a great resource for in-depth information on Zulu UC. Inside you’ll find instructions to install and setup, guides on features with step-by-step images and much more!

Browser Plug-ins

Zulu UC is currently supported for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows machines. Make sure to install the Zulu Firefox Plugin or the Zulu Chrome Plugin before you start using Zulu UC in your browser. Support for Mac OSX is coming soon.

Data Sheet

Want to learn more about Zulu UC? Download the Zulu UC Datasheet