Training Discounts from Sangoma Sell Out

As the title says, the two Sangoma discounts came and went and with them, the training is quickly reaching capacity. In fact, we were surprised to see a third registration come in with the SANGOMA discount code. An administrative error on our part allowed for an additional discount to get through so congratulations on that third registration slipping threw the cracks! On top of it – we have exceeded our block of rooms with the hotel although they have told us they will continue to honor the rate through tomorrow (1/23) – unless they sell out of rooms which is quickly happening.

Since the scholarship program with Sangoma has worked out so well for two individuals (well three…) we have had requests from some other manufactures asking if they could participate. We are currently talking with them so all may not be lost and if we work something out we will let you know. If we come through, be ready to act quick because the current trend indicates they will probably sell out as quick as the Sangoma deal did. And this time, we know how to configure the system to keep from another administrative error.

FreePBX 2.4 Podcast on The VoIP Experience

While I’m blogging – let me give you a pointer to a podcast I just did with cosmicwombat’s “The VoIP Experience” that he posted about on the forum. This is the second of a 3 part series that he has been running and the focus on the recent talk was FreePBX 2.4. So if you have not listened and want to hear a summary of what’s been going on, it’s available now. (and we spend some time catching you up since 2.2 for those who have not made the move to 2.3)

Philippe – on behalf of the FreePBX team!