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WEBINAR: Sangoma Introduces the s400 to Its Family of IP Phones

WEBINAR: Sangoma Introduce el s400 a su Familia de teléfonos

Provisioning Made Easy with Sangoma IP Phones

Sangoma IP Phones


Aastra 6731

My Numbers for Call Forwarding

Activating Call Forwarding

Logging Out of Your Phone

Logging In to Your Phone

ACD Agents and Queues Management

Do Not Disturb State

Parking & Retrieving Callers


Aastra 6755i, 6757i, 6757i-CT

Call Forwarding

Presence - Preferences

Call Parking

Speed Dial

Presence - Where Is?

Conference Rooms

Using the Intercom

Presence - Change Your Status


Night Mode

Logging Out

Queues - Viewing Agent Information

Follow-me - Managing Your Status

Queues - Viewing Callers Waiting in Queue

Follow-me - Ring Times & Initial Ring Times

Visual Voicemail - Voicemail Options

Follow-me - Adding Extensions

Visual Voicemail - Interacting with a Voicemail Message

ACD Agents - Pausing & Unpausing Agents in Queues

Visual Voicemail - In-depth Details of a Voicemail Message

Do Not Disturb

Visual Voicemail - Checking Your Voicemail

Contacts Application

Transfer to Voicemail

ACD Agents - Logging In & Out of Queues

Services Application