With SIPStation SIP Trunks, you can be making calls in just a few minutes. SIPstation Sip Trunks provide telephony services using your high-speed Internet connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service. No contracts, no fuss. Our services work with your phone system and are compatible with the majority of IP PBXs. They are also compatible with virtually any TDM PBX or legacy CPE phone system using a gateway device.

SIPStation Services are backed by our World-Class customer support staff which are available online or by phone.

All SIPStation service is built into FreePBX and PBXact direct for easy setup. Install the SIPStation module and follow our guide here and have your service setup in minutes and placing calls. Who better to bring you phone service then the company that also manages and builds FreePBX and PBXact.

Available Services:

High Volume Voice Trunk with Inbound and Outbound calling ability (1 Trunk = 1 Simultaneous Call) $24.99 /mo each

  • Trunks provide high volume inbound calling
  • Includes calling to the lower US 48 states & Canada

Local numbers available in most areas of the USA

  • Only $1.00 /mo each (Add as many as you need from across the US).
  • Port your existing telephone numbers to our service: $10 port charge then $1/mo per DID charge.

Includes e911 address support
We provide Caller ID with Name on all inbound calls to any DID provisioned on SIPStations network.

Supported Codecs
FreePBX module that is the fastest and easiest way to set up telephony service with FreePBX. Sipstation also can be used with just about any VoIP PBX, Softphone or Hardphone.

  • Add SIP Trunking to your FreePBX installation.
  • Add SIP Trunking to your existing VoIP PBX.
  • Add SIP Trunking to your legacy PBX.