Month: July 2007

FreePBX® 2.3.0beta2 With Lots of Great Enhancements

Hello everyone and back again with more exciting news. We’ve been working hard to finsh off all the great work that the team has done leading up to and during our FreePBX-athon last week (this one also). We think you are going like the new addtions we have added to this Beta2 release. Below are

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FreePBX® 2.2.3 Maintenance Release

While the 2.3.0 Beta program is going strong, it has flushed out a handful of bugs in the 2.2 branch and the fixes have been back ported to create this FreePBX 2.2.3 maintenance release. Bugs that were isolated to specific modules have already been back-ported and published.

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Using the Day/Night Control with a Time Condition

Overriding a Time Condition with a feature code is a request that has been asked for since as long as Time Conditions have been available in FreePBX. It comes up regularly on the forums and there have been many custom versions implemented and posted to solve this problem. We have introduced a Day/Night Control module

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