Connectivity Products from Sangoma

As the primary sponsor and developer of the FreePBX product, Sangoma has designed and manufactured lines of products with the goal of offering superior legacy compatibility and connectivity for FreePBX.

vega gateway

Vega VoIP Gateways

The Vega line of analog and PRI (T1/E1) VoIP gateways from Sangoma allow you to seamlessly connect legacy equipment to FreePBX. They are external appliances that you plug both your network connection and analog/PRI lines into, which facilitates seamless communication automatically.

Sangoma Vega gateways are perfect if you are connecting:

  • Legacy analog phones as end points to FreePBX
  • Local fax machines for Fax over IP
  • Legacy analog telephony infrastructure to your FreePBX IP environment
  • PRI lines from your provider to your FreePBX IP environment

FreePBX features a built-in mass provisioning tool within the admin interface, making setup easy.

Telephony Cards

Perfect for deployments that don’t have the room for an external VoIP gateway solution, telephony cards can be installed within the FreePBX server.

Analog and PRI (T1/E1) telephony cards from Sangoma feature plug-and-play ease of setup with FreePBX. Simply install them then configure them directly from the FreePBX interface. It’s that simple!  

*Did you know that certified FreePBX and PBXact appliances can be ordered from Sangoma with built-in telephony cards? This saves you the hassle of physically installing them yourself. Just mention it when ordering certified appliances, and a FreePBX engineer will take care of the rest for you.

telephony cards
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