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The Sangoma Portal is your one-stop spot to purchase all add-ons for your FreePBX system – from appliances and paid support to commercial modules and more. Sign up for a free portal account.


Paid Support
Get technical support from our FreePBX experts!

Advanced training to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer Asterisk/FreePBX.
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Sangoma Hardware
As the sponsor and maintainer of the FreePBX project, Sangoma offers FreePBX compatible phones, gateways, telephony cards and more.

SIP Trunking
Connect your PBX to the outside world with SIP trunking services from the FreePBX Team.

Hosted FreePBX
Virtual hosting of the Official FreePBX Distro.

Hosted FreePBX Commercial Pro
Take your FreePBX experience to the next level with a commercially developed and supported version of FreePBX.

Commercial Modules
Add-ons that extend the capabilities of your FreePBX deployment.

FreePBX Turnkey Appliances
The only officially supported hardware solution for FreePBX.