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AstriCon 2024

Happening on February 15th, 2024 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida Come meet us at AstriCon! AstriCon is the annual event for developers, enterprises, and service providers ...
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FreePBX 17 Beta and the Future with Debian

A little over a month ago now, the FreePBX Engineering team had published a wiki page with instructions for manually setting up FreePBX 17 on ...
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Introducing CDR Pro: A Powerful Call Reporting Enhancer Module

CDR Pro is a new commercial module for FreePBX and PBXact systems that simplifies the call reporting experience for administrators by providing an intuitive interface ...
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Open Source Projects at Sangoma

This is a cross-post on both the Asterisk and the FreePBX blogs, so for those who may only be familiar with FreePBX let me introduce ...
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Sangoma Completing the Open Source Move to GitHub

TL;DR – Effective immediately, Sangoma is migrating the Atlassian stack that is currently hosting and to GitHub. Hello everyone, happy Friday. As has ...
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The FreePBX Wiki is Moving!

Hello All, TL;DR – FreeBPX/PBXact wiki content has moved to Similarly to what was recently done for the Asterisk project, the FreePBX project has ...
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FreePBX Security Issues SEC-2023-001 and SEC-2023-002

Summary: Ensure that all FreePBX/PBXact modules are up to date Always monitor and follow up on security notifications from your PBX Ensure that you are ...
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New Commercial License Section for FreePBX / PBXact

Hi Everyone, We are happy to announce the introduction of a new section called “Commercial License” within the Module updates category of FreePBX/PBXact.   What ...
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FreePBX Mirror Infrastructure

  Dear FreePBX users, The Engineering team is excited to announce a significant recent upgrade to our FreePBX Mirror infrastructure. We have successfully migrated and ...
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Brand New Module – Missed Call Notification

For the first time in a while, the FreePBX Engineering team has published a new Open Source module, the Missed Call Notification module. This module ...
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