IP Phones Designed for FreePBX

Sangoma P-Series IP phones are the latest IP phones on the market specifically designed to work with FreePBX phone systems. 

Featuring ZeroTouch auto provisioning, P-Series phones can be quickly and easily used right out of the box. All you need to do is plug them into an Internet connection, wherever you are in the world, and the redirection service will automatically pair and configure the phone with the phone system. This makes life easier for IT administrators and allows end users to setup their own phones within seconds, including remote users. 

Also, the Endpoint Manager module is free to use for provisioning any Sangoma IP phone (P/D/S series or DECT). There’s no module licensing cost for the entire life of the system.

Intuitive and Easy to Deploy Mobile Softphone

Allow staff to work remotely using the Sangoma Connect Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Employees can enjoy voice and Sangoma Meet multi-party video collaboration, using their business extension, while keeping their personal device information private.

P-Series Benefits


Zero-Touch Auto Provisioning

P-Series phones automatically provision using Sangoma’s redirection cloud server, which authenticates P-Series phones and redirects them to the PBXact/FreePBX phone system.



Each P-Series phone is factory imaged with a unique serial key. This prevents hackers from contacting the redirection server, pretending to be an P-Series phone, and trying to register with the MAC address.


Programmable Buttons

Customize your phone with the applications you need where you want them. This allows users to improve efficiency and, ultimately, their productivity.

Expansion Module

For realtors, secretaries, and receptionists, the PM200 Expansion Module adds extra BLF (Busy Lamp Field) buttons to P-Series IP phones for extra functionality.

Power over Ethernet

Power P-Series phones directly from the Internet cable connection, rather than trying to search for a wall socket for power. This allows you the freedom to place your phones wherever you want.


P-Series phones support TLS/SRTP encryption, so hackers cannot try and intercept the call path or listen in to the call.


Advanced Phone Applications

P-Series phones feature PhoneApps, which are on-board applications controlled on the phone display without the need to dial in feature codes.  


Built-In VPN

Connect to the corporate phone system from remote locations securely with built-in VPN. 

P310 P320 P370 - Straight PM200 - Straight (2)
P310 & P315
Value Models
P320, P325, P330
Mid-Range Models
Executive Model
Expansion Module
Display 2.4” 320x240, Color 4.3” 480x272, Color, IPS 7.0” 1280x800, Color, IPS, Touch 4.3” 480x272, Color, IPS
Touchscreen No No Yes No
Line Keys 2 P320: 4
P325: 6 with Paging Key
P330: 12 with Paging Key
16(soft-keys) 2 rows of 10 keys w/ paging keys
Ethernet LAN and PC Port P310: 100 Mbps
P315: 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)
1000 Mbps (Gigabit) 1000 Mbps (Gigabit) N/A
Built-In Bluetooth No P320 & P325: No
P330: Yes
Yes N/A
Built-in Wi-Fi
No P320 & P325: No
P330: Yes
Yes N/A
USB Ports 0 P320 & P325: 1
P330: 2
2 2
Expansion Module Support No P320 & P325: No
P330: Yes
Yes Yes

Looking for a Desktop or Mobile Softphone designed for FreePBX?

We have desktop and mobile integration apps for businesses using PBXact and FreePBX phone systems, delivering productivity and collaboration tools through a single application.

P-Series PM200 Expansion Module

Need more BLFs to provide faster access to large groups of extensions? Perfect for receptionists, secretaries, and those in the real estate or hospitality industries, the PM200 Expansion Module is the perfect upgrade to the P330 or P370 IP phone, adding up to an extra 40 buttons for contacts and functionality.

DECT IP Phones

Designed to work with FreePBX phone systems, the DC201 DECT phone package provides SMBs with high quality, wireless DECT that integrates into your phone system.

The DC201 DECT Base + Handset package supports up to 20 users, giving your staff and colleagues the freedom and efficiency of wireless.

Meet the PhoneApps family

P-Series PhoneApps includes all the following individual applications, all in one package!

Do Not Disturb

Easily set Do-Not-Disturb status with the touch of a button.

Visual Voicemail

View and manage all voicemails directly from the phone screen.


Log into P-Series IP phones by typing in extension number and password.

Follow Me

Visually set and adjust follow me status and settings from the screen.


Allows users to choose a desired Presence status for their extension.


Visually see and pick up parked calls, or park calls from the phone’s display.

Call Forward

Control call forward settings, add or select between call forward numbers.


View and search all contacts directly from the phone's display.

Call Flow Control

Visually see and toggle through all the active call flows for the phone system.

Conference Rooms

Easily see a list of available conference rooms and control them.


Allows managers to view queue details and control agent statuses.

Transfer to Voicemail

Visually see whose voicemail a call is being transferring the call to.

Queue Agents

Allows users to see all queues they are in, log in/out of any of them, and check their queue status.

Time Conditions

Easily view and control time conditions for automatic call distribution.

Wireless Headsets

Sangoma wireless headsets feature superior sound quality with dedicated DECT technology, superior call handling with up to 325 feet of range, as well as all-day battery life. 

Designed for the closest integration with FreePBX and Sangoma hardware, choose between the H10,a dedicated desktop IP phone headset, and the H20, which offers support for the Desktop softphone via USB connection.

What makes Sangoma PhoneApps so different from other PBX vendors?

Open-Vendor Support

PhoneApps are the only software suite on the market that integrates advanced features, not only for Sangoma IP phones, but for many third-party manufacturers. Some vendors offer their own version of our PhoneApps, but they are only compatible with their own PBX and IP phones. This locks you down or forces you to buy new hardware.

Server Side

PhoneApps are installed on IP Phones, but completely controlled by the PBX (PBXact or FreePBX). This keeps the intelligence of each PhoneApp with the PBX, something very unique that other vendors don’t do. Think of PhoneApps as a web client that resides on the IP phone, with the PBX acting as the web server. The user navigates the phone display to use the PhoneApps, but the changes are actually occurring at the PBX.

For example, the Do Not Disturb app enables the DND status condition for that user directly on the PBX. So even if the phone loses network connectivity, the status condition remains in place on the PBX.

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