SIP Trunking for FreePBX

SIPStation is the award-winning SIP trunking service from Sangoma, primary sponsor and developer of the FreePBX project. Organizations can benefit from feature-rich telephony service, using existing internet connections.  

SIPStation is built into every FreePBX system and features full auto-provisioning, which means it does not require any special expertise to take advantage of the most compatible SIP trunking service for FreePBX.

Eastern Management Award
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Free Trial

Enjoy a full 21-day free trial of SIPStation with a phone number of your choice – with no obligation to subscribe. 

Simply sign up directly from the module built directly into the PBX GUI.

Benefits of SIPStation

Cost Savings

Guaranteed cost savings when switching from your traditional telephony provider to SIPStation.


Dual-redundant locations makes sure your service is never interrupted.  SIPstation is configurable to failover to alternate phone numbers, phone systems, as well as shared locations.


For those times when you need more capacity to make/receive calls, simply pay by the minute to burst without commiting to purchasing more lines. 

Flexible Pricing Options

With plan lengths ranging from monthly to three-year available, SIPStation offers the most cost effective and flexible SIP trunking option for any business.

Fraud Protection

SIPStation allows a limit to be placed on international calls, sends email alerts for unusual activity, and built-in access control ensures the ability to control which devices/IP addresses can make/receive calls through your account.

Trunk Groups

With Trunk Groups, you no longer need to purchase dedicated voice lines for each and every one of your locations. Sharing between locations gives you flexible control while offering significant cost savings.

Setting up Service

This SIP trunking webinar will show how incredibility easy it is to set up your new phone service with SIPStation.

Here are some things you’ll discover in this live demo:

  • How simple it is to set up SIPStation Service
  • Built-in services, such as e911, SMS, and Number Porting
  • A full overview of the SIPStation sign up website
  • Tips to help you decide what you need to get started
  • Information about FAXStation for Internet faxing
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