Month: March 2008

Sponsorships & Scholarships

Sponsorships As you read this post please notice the new Corporate Sponsorship column we have added to help support the further development of this great project. There are many of you who benefit from FreePBX for your business or sell systems to your customers. For those of you who have given or continue to provide

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More Training Deals, Release News and What’s Coming

I blogged last week about the Las Vegas plans for the next training event while our training site was still being remodeled for the Las Vegas show. We were thrilled to see that the slight disarray did not keep some dedicated will be attendees from jumping on the great Early Bird deal we put together

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Great Deals for the Next Open Telephony Training Seminar

We are back in the saddle after last week in Charleston still glowing in the success and super feedback we got from our first Open Telephony Training Seminar. We couldn’t have been more please with the large turnout from so many attendees and vendors and putting faces to the forum names was very enjoyable. There

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