Special Aastra Partnership Announced for Open Telephony Training Seminar

Aastra and the FreePBX/Open Telephony Training team are announcing a special partnership for our upcoming training seminar scheduled for May 20-23rd in Las Vegas, NV. In an extremely exciting move, Aastra is sponsoring the event and all participants will be provided the fully XML-based 55i high end business phones, along with a unique opportunity to receive some advanced XML training opportunities and additional marketing training as outlined below.

Aastra 55i If you are not already familiar with the Aastra phones and the great things that you can do with them take a look at a recent write-up that Nerd Vittles’ provided upon their return from our last training where we opened their eyes to the great possibilities of these phones!

In addition to the normal curriculum, Aastra and the Open Telephony Training team have collaborated to offer attendees an advanced workshop on Aastra XML development. Aastra’s top XML Programming expert, Stephane Angelot, will be joining our resident XML expert, Ethan Schroeder, to put on this inaugural workshop that will cover the required knowledge and understanding to develop client-server applications for the Aastra handsets that integrate with FreePBX/Asterisk. Stephane and Ethan have both released numerous applications to the community including well noted contributions such as Visual Voicemail, Visual Park, Handset Directories, Server-side Do-Not-Disturb, Visual Call Forward, Meetme (Conference Room) Management, Away Status Manager, Visual LED Day/Night Mode button, and more. Accompanying the great Aastra workshop/training will be all of the Aastra XML applications, including never-before-seen applications, distributed to all participants free, via a USB flash drive.

Aastra will also offer a marketing session available for all participants to attend in order to better learn their product line and market positioning. This is an excellent opportunity to build up your reseller knowledge and extend your offering if not already familiar with the Aastra line. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase not-for-resale Aastra handsets for their demo kits at significant discounts in addition to the free handset they will be receiving as part of the training. Aastra will also qualify all interested parties as Aastra Resellers.

We are excited and honored to be bringing such great talent to the participants of our training. This extends the deep knowledge that we bring on the FreePBX and Asterisk side, as well as the experience deploying and supporting hundreds of installations based on this great product. There is not other training program available that offers you the breadth, depth and partnerships that we are bringing and have previously provided to past participants of our seminars! We look forward to all those who will be attending this next great event!

If you have questions about our training, you can visit the Open Telelphony Training Seminar website, email us at training at freebpx dot org, or call us at +1-877-480-9533.

– On behalf of the FreePBX and Open Telephony Training Team (and special thanks to Aastra)

Technical Only Training Opportunities

The SANGOMA discount codes were well received by some lucky participants last week and expired along with the Early Bird Specials on Friday. However, we have some more opportunities if you’ve been procrastinating or have been looking for something a little different. With the introduction of our two new registration options, Sangoma has asked to sponsor two more discount coupons which are now live!

We’ve talked with a few potential registrants who only want the technical part of our training class. In response to these requests, we have listened and created a few very affordable packages for those of you who want the same. If you are comfortable with FreePBX basics as well as Linux basics, then you can register for the Core 2 days of our technical program for only $1895 and if you act fast and use the SANGOMA discount you can get in for only $1395! Add 2 nights of hotel and you pay just $1640 for this whole package! If you want all 3 days of technical, the current discount brings the starting price to $1695!

Act quickly though because these coupons are good for all registration types, which means if you are looking for any of the registrations with or without hotel packages there are still some great deals to be had and they will probably be taken up quickly as always!

For now we look forward to seeing all of you who have registered, and some of you who have not yet! We’ll be back shortly with more information we are currently arranging to spice up the class and bring yet more value to those lucky participants who will make it to this great event!

– On behalf of the FreePBX and Open Telephony Training Team!