Year: 2010

Features we are Considering for 2.9

After returning from Astricon where we reviewed Asterisk 1.8 and other exciting technologies [url=/news/2010-11-01/lots-of-good-stuff-at-astricon-2010]I blogged[/url] a bit about it which led several of us developers to discuss what features should we put into the next release and consequently when should we target that release to come out? Between those discussions and scanning tickets and some

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What Version of FreePBX Should You Use?

With 6+ years under our belt and releases that started as AMP followed by FreePBX versions 2.0 – 2.8 and now 2.9 underway, there are a lot of versions floating around out there that may make you wonder, “what should I be running?” This question is complicated by the fact that different FreePBX distributions tend

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Lots of Good Stuff at Astricon 2010

Just go back from last week’s Astricon 2010 held in Maryland this year and we are excited about what the future prospects are for FreePBX after getting a taste of what Asterisk 1.8 and beyond have in store for us, as well as other various technologies and applications that we will have at our disposal

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Come Say Hello at Astricon 2010

Another year gone by and we are back here at Astricon 2010. No more sunny Arizona like the last 3 years; this time they are holding it in National Harbor, Maryland by DC. (Though it looks like the weather is not going to be too bad). We will be over in the Open Source section

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Spammer Attacks the Forum

You may have found a rash of spam in your inbox this morning, or run into it on the forums if you spent any time earlier today having a look. We had a spammer send dozens of replies to dozens of threads last night with your typical “rolex watch” or equivalent spam that floats around

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