Heavy Queue Usage in FreePBX

When it comes to busy queues and FreePBX, it often results in requests for help in the forums and to our support department because of overloaded systems or certain functions that do not seem work right. FreePBX was designed to be an SMB PBX concentrating on feature rich capabilities at the expense of complex dialplan and AGI scripts, all of which take their toll when you setup a reasonable size call center and start throwing lots of simultaneous calls at a group of queue members. Continue reading

FreePBX v2 and v3 Release Candidate Status

Progress on both the 2.7.0beta1 and v3 General Preview release candidate have been going great with lots of activity. The 2.7 beta will be moved into release candidate state this week along with an upgrade module provided to upgrade from 2.6 systems for those who prefer to use the GUI and stay clear of tarballs and SSH.

First off a quick comment on the v3 repository that was down for a couple of days last week. We had some data corruption on the server which resulted in the change history lost but all the code is still there. This means that if you had previously checked out code in an SVN working set, you will have to check it out again, you won’t be able to update as you will be out of sync. We have put in measures to avoid lost change history in the SVN repositories going forward.

On the 2.7 Release Candidate front, the main additions were covered in an earlier blog post where we highlighted the changes to faxing and discussed some upcoming Queues and Backup module changes. The highlights are available on the 2.7 Milestone Summary. We covered the fax changes in the other blog post and have gotten some good testing across multiple Asterisk versions. Between deprecated Asterisk changes across 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6+, different application names and multipe fax reception modules (spandsp vs. FFA) it has taken a few iterations to get it all right!

The updates to the Queues module are in and tested. The most interesting change being the ability to pre-assign queue agent penalties to dynamic agents which was previously only available for static agents. In conjunction with this, we’ve also added the ability to restrict dynamic agents to only those listed in the queue configuration. Both of these capabilities are long standing requests and we hope they are well received by everyone.

The updates to the Backup module was largely taking several already existing but little known capabilities and enabling them within the GUI and enabling them to be set per-backup set. This includes the ability to move backup sets off to a remote server using either FTP or SCP. There is also the ability to add other files on your system to the backup sets and if the backup set is restored, they will also be restored. (Previously there was limited ability to add other directories, and they would not be restored through the GUI).

Both of these additions as well as the FAX module changes were largely contributed by development resources from Schmoozecom.com developers who have been significant contributors for many years to the FreePBX project!

A few other capabilities were also added as well as plenty of bug fixes as always. I’ll let those curious parties poke around or dig through the SVN changes to see what else has been provided.

The v3 General Preview release candidate is going strong as mentioned above. I’ll get a more detailed update shortly on it’s own blog so we can give you a better idea of what is to come.

Philippe – On behalf of the FreePBX Team

FreePBX v3 SVN repository maitenance right now

Just a quick note to all of you who may be trying to access the v3 SVN repository either directly or through the trac browser. The SVN repository is currently down and not accessible. We are aware of the problem and it is being addressed. This is related to some of the maintenance issues we have had that are being investigated.

Thanks for your patience while we address this and we expect it to be back up later today.

In the mean time, have a look at the 2.7.0 beta release that is well underway. We’ve got the Queue changes in for Dynamic Agent Penalties and restrictions that we were waiting for as well as the Backup Module changes that were added last week. (Thanks to lazytt/mbrevada/Moshe from Schmoozecom.com for those contributions!) In addition, there is nothing like a airplane ride going from coast to coast and back, with no internet distractions, to add a few more features. If you have been waiting for Outbound CallerID set on a per outbound route basis, or the ability to always force the CID on a particular trunk despite the Extension settings, then go have a look because I have added those as well!

For now, we need to get back to this repository issue and will let you know when it is back up.

Philippe – On behalf of the FreePBX Team!