Month: April 2010

v3, 2.8 and Custom Contexts

“The v3 ISO is almost here…” and then the schedule slips again. If you’ve been around software long enough you know that release dates always slip. Luckily, unlike some of the big software giants out there, we try not to slip our schedules by years 🙂 We also have an excuse, it’s Open Source, which

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Hello from the FreePBX v3 coders!

Hi folks, I haven’t posted a blog entry on here previously, so let’s start with an introduction. My name is Darren Schreiber and I’m the creator of the FreePBX v3 software. I wanted to take a chance to update everyone on the state of affairs regarding v3, as there have been some developments, questions and

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FreePBX and Emergency Operations – Guest Blog

The great thing about FreePBX is not just the software but the great community that comes with it. There have recently been some posts thanking “me” and the FreePBX development team for this great product. The thanks are very much appreciated and when I hear some of the real world stories that constantly surface I

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