Month: May 2010

High Availability Backup and Restore

In our never ending quest to make FreePBX the best phone system that doesn’t require money to buy (and even better than most that do cost money…), allow us to introduce you to the latest features in the Backup & Restore module. [url=/news/2010-05-09/preview-the-all-new-directory]Last week[/url] we alluded to a critical server error, but left you guessing

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FreePBX 2.8 beta2

Version 2.8 has really shaped up with quite a few new features from when we first launched [url=/trac/milestone/2.8?by=type]the 2.8 Milestone[/url]. I’m really excited to see many of the changes and nuggets of features that we have squeezed into this release since kicking it off just 3 months ago! We are almost at the home stretch

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Preview the all-new Directory

Do you use the Dial-by-Name option of the current FreePBX Directory? If no, read on as you might find there is goodness to come. If yes, have you ever wanted to add a user with no voicemail? have your admin called instead of you? wanted to add a Ring Group or Queue to it, call

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