Year: 2011

Appointment Reminder Module

We are currently looking for 2-3 beta testers to try out the new Appointment Reminder module for the FreePBX Distro. This is a professional module and is only availiable for the FreePBX Distro. Testers will recieve a free beta copy of the module. What is it? The Appointment Reminder module for the FreePBX Distro is

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FreePBX Distro Update

We are working on a new Distro Install Process as we speak. The plan is to let you go through the normal Centos Setup screens with a full Centos ISO and than we will prompt you with a payload/version option for what version of the Distro you want to install and it would pull down

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SECURITY ADVISORY: web services (Aug. 11, 2011)

Aug. 11, 2011 The FreePBX development team has identified with some zero day security vulnerabilities related to httpd and php. These vulnerabilities may allow a remote user to gain full root control over a system, and are present in lots of popular asterisk-related distro’s. The FreePBX development team strongly urges all user of the FreePBX

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FreePBX 2.10 sneak peak: IVR’s

As in any pbx, IVR’s have always been an integral component of FreePBX. For the better and for the extremely annoying, companies have been filtering inbound calls with IVR’s for just about forever. While we can’t change people’s mentality (on both sides of the call) we CAN attempt to provide the best posible experience for

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