2.10 Officially Final

The current release, FreePBX 2.10 has been pretty much final for quite a while now though we have been reluctant to officially bless it as such because we wanted to be very conservative on the new release given the GUI changes and some of the other big changes that have gone into it. With about 6000 beta and release candidates systems that have tried it out and many of those active and in production, we decided that it’s probably ok to bless it as final!

The bug rate coming in on 2.10 has been pretty minimal but a careful analysis of the bugs that come in help us determine what type of issues are still being detected, are they on the new code or bugs from prior releases, etc. The biggest area that we’ve been diligently working on is the new backup module that was provided by Schmooze Com, Inc and has added a level of flexibility and robustness that was never there before. This includes significant functionality for user defined backup templates, remote storage and warm standby “High Availability” configurations and built in intelligence that can be configured to avoid common issues such as warm backup servers accidentally “stealing” live SIP/IAX trunk registrations.

We also highlighted some last minute additions in our [url=/news/2012-02-22/lots-of-recent-2-10-activity-to-close-things-up]last blog[/url] that got rolled in as a result of all the tickets being reviewed, closed, moved or acted on prior to this final release. So if you have not played with it there are a handful of exciting new additions that you may find quite useful!

For those of you playing with the “new” app_confbridge in Asterisk a word of caution. Asterisk 10, which we are striving to support, decided to rewrite app_confbridge changing the syntax and overall way that it is configured. From reading through the new design we are really excited about what it may deliver on paper and as such, a lot of good ideas are being exchanged amongst the development community. You’ll probably see 2.11 come out with an all new Conferencing Module that takes much more advantage of this new and MUCH improved conferencing! (Keep in mind, this is all “on paper” as none of us developers have really played with it much, but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope it all works out as good as it is described in their wiki!) The bad news of all this, if you are running Asterisk 10 then app_confbirdge will not work for you. As it stands, app_confbridge is being considered somewhat “experimental” in FreePBX and it notes such in the tooltip where you can configure it in Advanced Settings. Given the changes in 10 and the expected rewrite of the entire module, it’s unlikely we’ll add support for the Asterisk 10 version until the new module comes out in 2.11.

[b]Next Open Telephony Training Seminar (OTTS)[/b]

As a quick reminder or if you aren’t already aware, we’ve got our next [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]OTTS training coming to Minneapolis, MN[/url] in May. There’s a $300 savings early bird special going on right now so if you’re thinking about coming go have a look because once the special is over, there’s no more deals! Attendees have already started signing up and our last two classes have filled up requiring us to turn away some late comers so if you are thinking about it now’s the time!

For now, thanks for all of you who have been actively testing and providing feedback on our extended 2.10 Release Candidate! We are excited to be announcing the final release!

[b]Philippe[/b] – On Behalf of the FreePBX Team!

Lots of Recent 2.10 Activity to Close Things Up

Things have been pretty busy over the last week or two if you have been watching [url=/trac/timeline]all the tickets being closed[/url], moved around, checkins, etc. We’ve been busy going over all the tickets filed under 2.10, making sure to review and/or address any outstanding issues that may have been missed, dealing with a minor security issue that surfaced briefly last week but was quickly closed, and so on. Here are a few details as to where things stand based on all this activity!

[b]Minor Security Update[/b]

Since there were three or four threads in the forums that flared up out of concerns last week on this issue I thought I’d just touch on it here. There was a checkin for the User Portal, otherwise known as ARI, which allowed the ARI admin credentials to be obtained without authentication. The module was published on Monday of last week and upon being reported in the various forum threads, on Wednesday if I recall correctly, it was fixed and published the next day, not quite 3 days after being published. What was of particular concern to some folks was that often the FreePBX and ARI admin credential are one and the same although this is easy to change in Advanced Settings.

[b]2.10 Closing Up[/b]

On the 2.10 front I’ve been going over about 140 tickets or so to determine which ones have already been closed, which ones are going to be pushed to another release, and which ones are still active. Of the active ones, there were a handful of minor bugs that had not been addressed and have since been fixed. There were also several feature requests that had been missed. In many of the cases where patches had been applied we’ve folded these in so thanks to all of you who have provided those patches and at the same time, sorry that some of them took several months to get in. However … when you go through the effort to provide us with patches we do try to go through the effort of getting those into the code base when appropriate, even if it is a bit eleventh hour! There were also a handful of feature requests that were not too hard or risky to implement and get checked in so we decided to crank these out vs. pushing them to the next release given they had been in the ticket system for a while.

A couple of the late entries that are of interest to many people were on the Follow Me module. There is now a destination on Follow Me, listed under the “Follow Me” category, that allows you to simply use the extension destinations. This is the default when a Follow Me is added. This means it will attempt to go to the proper voicemail greeting (by checking on the extension state of the Follow-Me if not answered), or any configured Extension Destinations, etc. The other addition to Follow Me is a set of Advanced Settings which allow you to have a Follow-Me automatically created when a new extension is created. There is a short list of the configuration parameters in Advanced Settings as well to choose defaults for Follow-Me as well as what to choose when auto-creating a new Follow Me if enabled.

Beyond Follow Me there are quite a few other late entries. You can always sort through the closed tickets against the release or simply get everything updated and and start looking for any new code.

There have been a series of issues reported in several forum threads about remote backup issues with warm standby scenarios. Those and a handful of other reported issues with Backup have been just recently fixed and checked in so thanks for all the help flushing these out and please continue to file issues in the bug tracker after testing the latest if things still aren’t right. A lot of effort has gone in to completely rewrite this module with the intent on extreme flexibility and robustness. At this point it’s probably excelled beyond the old Backup and only continues to get hardened as all of you help flush out subtle issues. Thanks to the Schmooze Com, Inc. team for all their effort on this!

[b]Next Open Telephony Training Seminar (OTT)[/b]

On the training front, we want to extend a big thanks to all of you who joined us in Naple, FL last month. The training was a great success and the new format with much more extensive lab work was very well received. We got lots of great feedback from the class which we are incorporating into our [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]upcoming training in Minneapolis, MN[/url] in May. There’s a $300 savings early bird special going on right now so if you’re thinking about coming go have a look because once the special is over, there’s no more deals! We’re looking forward to our next class!

For now, thanks for all of you who have been actively testing and providing feedback on our extended 2.10 Release Candidate! We’ve got thousands of users running it so we’ll be formally making it final in the coming days!

[b]Philippe[/b] – On Behalf of the FreePBX Team!