FreePBX Certification Training, in Florida, in January, On Sale until Dec 16th!

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With winter weather on it’s way, it’s time to schedule that “work” trip for Naples, Florida in January!

FreePBX Certification Training  Early Bird Pricing – Double discount until December 16th!

Seminar Only – $1,695   regular price $2,295 (offer ends December 16th, 2013).

Seminar and Demo Kit – $2,580   regular price $2,999 (Demo kit includes FreePBX Commercial Module Licenses!)

Cyber Monday 50% off FreePBX Commercial Modules 1 Day Promotion

Cyber Monday Special

Cyber Monday 50% off FreePBX Commercial Modules Promotion

On Monday December 2nd, 2013 use the promo code “CYBERMONDAY” to receive an instant 50% discount on any FreePBX Commercial Module that retails for $50 or more.

FreePBX Commercial modules are add-ons that enhance and add additional funtionality to the already powerful FreePBX Platform.

Web CallBack $50   $25 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
The Web Callback module allows you to easily add an HTML call me box to your website. Visitors simply put their phone number in to be connected with you, or a specific destination.

Outbound Call Limiting $195   $97.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
The Outbound Call Limiting module allows you to place restrictions on how many times a number is called during a certain time period on a per outbound route basis.

Caller ID Management $65   $32.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater 
The CallerID Management module is a unique way to modify the caller ID that is outpulsed on the fly. By utilizing a simple feature code you can change your caller ID for one call or all calls.

Paging Pro $95   $47.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Page Pro adds to the existing Paging module in FreePBX to include the ability to hook outbound routes to a page group, Valet Style Paging (Airport Style) and Prepend Recordings to any page group to be played before the pager can speak.

VM Notify $75   $37.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
This module allows an individual or a group to be notified and optionally accept responsibility for a voicemail. Additionally notifications can be sent out when someone claims responsibility for the voicemail.

Fax Pro $250   $125.00 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
The Fax Pro module is a reliable, robust inbound/outbound faxing server. You simply enable faxing for any user on the system; then you point a phone number to specific fax user and let us answer the fax call.

Call Recording Reports $125   $62.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Tired of searching the system Call Detail Records for call recordings? Running out of storage on your system due to required archiving of call recordings? With the Call Recording Report Module you can View, Sort, Listen, Archive and download all recorded calls on your system.

Directory Pro $295   $147.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
The Directory Pro module is an extension to the existing directory found in FreePBX. The directory module is used to create personnel directories. You can then use the directory in conjunction with other modules like the IVR that allow users to press 1 for the directory and than are prompted to start entering or saying the parties name.

QXact $795   $397.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
If you use ACD/Queues you need Q-Xact to help you make the most of your time! With Q-Xact you are given insight into each and every one of your queues. Q-Xact gives you full control over what data is displayed for each type of report and allows you to build custom templates for quick reporting. Each report type such as “All Call Distribution by Queue” has a list of columns that can be checked and unchecked for on the fly view customization.

Xact Dialer $795   $397.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Does your company do outbound dialing? Would you like to automate the process? If so Broadcast is for you. Simply Start a Campaign and choose where your calls will be routed to. It even gives you the option to route calls based on whether they are answered by a person or an answering machine. To make it even easier, you can also choose to get reports on your campaign daily or after the campaign completes. Stop dialing each individual number and contact a Sales Representative today to see how you can benefit from Broadcast!

IVR Pro $295   $147.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
The IVR Pro Module for FreePBX is an advanced module that acts as an extension to the existing IVR module. The extended capabilities allow you to empower your IVR’s with speech recognition. The configuration options include advanced failover capabilities to handle unknown input and timeout situations. The failover capabilities are fully customizable and can be used in conjunction with DTMF input as required.

Appointment Reminder $795   $397.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Appointment Reminder module for FreePBX Distrois a unique way to automate appointment confirmations, cancellations and reschedules. By simply specifing numbers and names to be called PBXact will automatically call at specified times and allow recipients to confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments.

Parking Pro $125  $62.50 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Park Pro adds the ability to add multiple parking lots within FreePBX, useful for companies running multiple locations off the same server, or companies that need multiple parking lots or have many internal departments.

VQ Plus $350   $175.00 FreePBX 2.10 or greater
Virtual Queue Plus expands the options available in the PBX queues and allows you to assign dynamic queue penalty rules to escalate calls based on the length of hold time. VQ Plus also allows you to create Virtual Queues to manage queue behavior and expand and customize caller destinations for callers routed through the virtual queues.

High Availability Disaster Recovery $1500   $750.00 FreePBX 2.11or greater
FreePBX High Availability or “FreePBX HA” was created to fill a need for organizations that have a low tolerance for downtime in the event of system failures and outages. Traditional Backup solutions for FreePBX include onsite or offsite backups and warm spares, both solutions are adequate, but when days, hours or even minutes of downtime are not ideal FreePBX HA is now available.

The FreePBX Portal is your one stop spot to purchase all add ons for your FreePBX system inlcuding Commercial Modules. Sign up for a Free Portal Account, for instructions on how to sign up click here. Before you can purchase commercial modules for your FreePBX system you need to register your FreePBX system with the FreePBX License servers.



Preston McNair, VP of Sales and Marketing, FreePBX/Schmooze Com Inc 


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Happy Thanksgiving! and “post bird” specials from the FreePBX Team.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Schmooze, SIPStation and FreePBX Teams!

Please be advised Schmooze Com Inc will be closed Thursday, November 28th in observance of the holiday.  Our FreePBX and PBXact support teams will be available for our clients experiencing system outages with 24/7 FreePBX or PBXact Peace of Mind Contracts only. SIPStation support will monitor incoming tickets for critical outages and respond as necessary.

Please feel free to open any non-emergency support tickets which will be attended to on Friday November 29th.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday!


Early Bird Pricing – Double discount until December 16th!

Seminar Only – $1,695   normally $1,995

Seminar and Demo Kit – $2,580   normally $2,790

(Course regular pricing is $2,295 and $2,999 respectively)

FreePBX Official Training – January 2014 – Special Holiday Pricing


Our next Open Telephony Training Seminar (OTTS) Event will be held in Naples Florida, January 13-16th, 2014. We are excited to announce that we’ve just doubled our Early Bird discount, just in time for the Holidays! This special discount won’t last long, so sign up today!…s-naples-january-13-162014-tickets-8201345445


Early Bird Pricing – Double discount until December 16th!

Seminar Only – $1,695   normally $1,995

Seminar and Demo Kit – $2,580   normally $2,790

(Course regular pricing is $2,295 and $2,999 respectively)


About the Open Telephony Training Seminar

This training seminar will teach advanced topics to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer Asterisk/FreePBX solutions relevant to all FreePBX based distributions. The seminar starts by providing an advanced foundation in FreePBX and Asterisk. We then move into some Linux command line and Asterisk CLI and how they relate directly to PBX administration, and troubleshooting. We cover system and telephony hardware and IP phones, as well as what to consider when choosing these components. Next we go into some Sales and Marketing. The 4th day is optional and reserved for a few hours of training on PBXact and Commercial Modules and the Certification Test. The Certification Test is a requirement if you are looking to become a FreePBX Certified Reseller. Click HERE for course details and information about the organizers.

Who Should Attend:

  • Organizations who want to become a Certified FreePBX Reseller

  • Persons/organizations selling, provisioning, and deploying open-source PBXs

  • IT professionals deploying PBXs in their own organization

  • Telephony professionals and carriers exploring the world of open-source Asterisk-based PBXs

  • Organizations deploying Inbound Call Centers of any size with FreePBX or PBXact




Phone Apps for FreePBX? No we aren’t talking about the latest “Words with Fiends” or “Disgruntled Poultry” time killing app for your smartphone, We are talking about apps for your real phone, the one on your desk where business gets done.

FreePBX Phone Apps (also known as REST APPS) allow users to control PBX functions and call settings directly from the screen of their phone.   The initial release of applications include Call Parking, Follow-Me Management and Do Not Disturb.  We will be expanding to include additional functionality, features and supported devices in the near future.  The goal is to empower users to intuitively manage call setting and features directly from their phone, minimizing the reliance upon hard to remember feature codes, and logging into the PBX GUI to modify settings.

Phone Apps connect to your PBX using the newly created FreePBX RESTful API (we’ll have more on our new API in a few weeks).  The new API allows us to develop applications that can be supported across multiple phone manufacturers and devices.

FreePBX Phone Apps are a suite of applications that integrate directly with FreePBX, our Commercial EndPoint Manager and popular phones from manufacturers such as.


Speaking of phones I wouldn’t be a very good sales and marketing guy if I didn’t take time for a commercial break here to make a quick announcement about phones.  All of the phones available for use with our new Phone Apps are now also available for purchase from within the FreePBX Portal Store.  Purchasing phones directly from FreePBX/Schmooze Com helps support the continued development of FreePBX.  

The Parking Application lets users see Parked calls directly from their phone display.  It will work with both the standard Parking Module and the enhanced Park Pro module.  Users can visually see parked calls, pick up any parked call and park calls with the same application depending on phone support.


The Follow Me Phone App gives you control over your Follow Me settings.  Allowing users to enable and disable follow me, change their follow me numbers, ring time and call confirmation.  The App will also provide Visual notifications when Follow-Me is enabled.


The Do Not Disturb (DND) Application allows you to toggle your current state of DND between enabled and disabled, and on supported devices will change the BLF notification light for a mapped button, or provide an onscreen notification.


For a limited time we are offering FreePBX Phone Apps for Free, you can log into our portal and pick up a free three month license today.  Please note in order to use Phone Apps you will have to have the FreePBX EndPoint Manager licensed and installed.  Once you have had a chance to install and use the Apps we would love to hear your feedback.  The best place for general feedback or questions would be on the dedicated forum at or if you find a bug you would like us to address you can visit and submit a ticket.

Preston McNair

VP of Sales & Marketing

On behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!


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