Wiki and Drupal Migration

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Last night we migrated all of the current FreePBX users to our single sign on server and turned on the single sign on system on this server.

What this does is it gives you the ability to make comments in our new wiki ( We can also upgrade your privileges to make you a contributor as well so that you can update and change items in the wiki.
In the next couple of weeks we will also be transitioning all of our trac data to jira so the links will move from being to

From there we hope to provide more support for managing the newsletters we send out and what data you’d like to be able to control. We value you as our userbase and we are excited for the future of this project.

If you can’t login to the wiki server with your forum account then you simply need to logout of the forum and relogin to the forum and you will then be able to access the wiki with your user account.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you are having issues please feel free to email me at andrew(dot)nagy(at)

Thanks for your ongoing support.
-FreePBX team

Enable IM/Chat in FreePBX with the new XMPP Pro module!

Announcing the release of the XMPP Pro module for FreePBX.

Current Stable & Beta versions of the FreePBX Distro include Prosody, a modern flexible communications server utilizing XMPP/Jabber for Instant Messaging & Chat.  This module allows you to easily setup and configure the Prosody server domain as well as configure IM & Chat users. 

Once configured the IM server can be used with any Jabber/XMPP enabled client that is capable of configuring connections to local or corporate servers, including chat integration into iSymphony.

View the XMPP Pro Video User Guide.

The XMPP Pro module allows you to easily create users directly within the Extensions Module within FreePBX.  It also allows you to control the domain name associated with your local server.

XMPP/Jabber allows you to use the same account and login from multiple devices at the same time.  For example, you might have a client at home, one at work, and one on your mobile phone.  Any one of them can be connected at once.

Click here for additional information on the XMPP Pro Module


  • Installation of SCHMOOZE PROSODY RPM (see WIKI for instructions)

  • FreePBX Distro current Stable or Beta versions (preferred) or instructions for loading into other Distros such as PBX in a Flash running CentOS 6 or above are available in our WIKI

FreePBX Commercial Modules can be purchased directly in the PORTAL.

FreePBX 2.11 Final

If you’ve been on top of the online module repository then you may have noticed that the last Framework and Core update brought your 2.11 system up to final release state. As we discussed in [url=/news/2013-04-18/quick-release-candidate-and-otts-space-still-available] one of our last blogs[/url] this has been a long release but we are excited to mark it final and equally excited to see how many systems out there are running it in production!

To try and go through a run down of what 2.11 added would be a bit too overwhelming for a blog post. We encourage you to join the 15,000 or more 2.11 users out there in experiencing all the great work we’ve done! If you want a first hand walkthrough and enjoy making last minute plans, there’s still a couple seats left in next weeks [url=/training]OTTS FreePBX training at Digium Headquarters in Huntsville, AL[/url].

With 2.11 behind us we’ll probably be taking a short breather and while doing such, expect to see some updates to the “trac” side of the website where we will be migrating it to some much improved ticketing and tracking tools that Andrew (tm1000) has been doing such a great job working on. That will also solve the problem that many of you have had not being able to add attachments to trac tickets that we ran into in a server upgrade a few months ago.

Moving forward, the development team has already spent some time with the Asterisk developers to comprehend the huge upcoming changes in Asterisk 12 later this year. This is going to involve a huge effort on our part given the entire SIP stack has been replaced and significant other chunks such as the Asterisk manager have changed drastically. There will be a huge burden on the part of the FreePBX team to adapt to these changes and enable the rest of the eco system to follow suit!

For now, go upgrade your systems to 2.11 if you’ve been waiting for this “official” milestone and see what the last many months has in store for you!

Philippe – On behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!