New FreePBX High Availability (HA) Options Announced at ITEXPO and Asterisk World

Today we have exciting news to share about our FreePBX High Availability Platform, we are adding two new FreePBX HA Appliances to our line of appliances. FreePBX Appliances are certified hardware solutions specifically designed to support and run FreePBX.  

Our new FreePBX HA Appliances provide out-of-the-box support for FreePBX High Availability (HA) solutions. If your voice communications are mission critical, and data, revenue, productivity and reputation are at stake you need a FreePBX HA Appliance!

We looked at what FreePBX HA could do and then we built a system around that. Our new SMB High Availability Appliance was built from the ground up with FreePBX HA in mind. Before we ship them we get them setup with the latest stable version of FreePBX and pre-configured with an HA configuration, allowing our customers to add phones, SIP trunks or PSTN lines as well as have an out-of-the-box HA PBX system.” says Tony Lewis, CEO of Schmooze Com, Inc.


Each HA Appliance is shipped with the latest FreePBX Distro already installed. These appliances are pre-configured and licensed with FreePBX HA and two hours of tech support for additional assistance once delivered.

The SMB HA Appliance is a rack mountable 2U unit that houses two completely independent systems with separate drives, motherboards, power supplies, and PCI-e ports for PSTN connectivity (requires additional hardware).

The Xtreme HA Appliance bundle is built using two of our popular FreePBX Xtreme Appliances. Each appliance is a 4U rack mountable PBX.

FreePBX HA was recently released to provide an easy to implement and commercially supported platform utilizing DRBD, Cluster Manager and Pacemaker technologies. This enables automatic mirroring and failover between two FreePBX phone systems.

In the event of a software, hardware or power failure on the primary PBX, phones, SIP trunks and PSTN connections (requires additional hardware, see information on the Digium R-Series appliances below) are redirected to the secondary PBX. Then when the primary PBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary FreePBX node in just seconds.


FreePBX High Availability is setup to handle using the Digium R-Series for Analog or PRI switching.
Discover More about the Digium R-Series

Schmooze will be providing demos of the new SMB HA Appliances this week at ITEXPO and Asterisk World. For more information on FreePBX HA, click here. FreePBX Appliances can be purchased directly within the Schmooze Portal

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Preston McNair, VP of Sales and Marketing, FreePBX/Schmooze Com, Inc.


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FreePBX provisioned Uniden SIP DECT handsets to be showcased at ITEXPO & Asterisk World Jan. 28-31

Schmooze Com Inc announces completion of FreePBX interoperability testing of Uniden EXP1240 SIP DECT Cordless Phone System.

Uniden SIP DECT Base

Uniden SIP Dect Handset

Schmooze will be showcasing FreePBX provisioned Uniden SIP DECT Handsets January 28-31, 2014, at ITEXPO & Asterisk World

We have completed interoperability testing of Uniden’s new EXP1240 SIP DECT line of cordless telephones. The Uniden SIP/DECT phones are targeted towards the SMB, enterprise and retail markets and currently support up to 200 cordless users per network segment.

Uniden has worked directly with the FreePBX development staff to ensure FreePBX users, system integrators and resellers wanting to utilize the Uniden phones can easily configure them directly within the FreePBX End Point Manager. The FreePBX End Point Manager is a commercially supported add on to FreePBX that allows you to Auto Provision and Configure directly from the GUI administrator interface over 250 popular Desk Phones, Wireless Phones, Door Phones, Overhead paging devices, Gateways and Specialty devices.

We are excited that Uniden, connected with us as they moved into the SIP DECT mobility marketplace, and enthusiastically welcome them into the ever expanding FreePBX Ecosystem.” says Tony Lewis, CEO of Schmooze Com Inc.


Uniden America Corporation is excited to be joining the FreePBX community with our Enterprise class EXP1240 SIP DECT Mobility platform. The EXP1240 mobility platform supports seamless roaming and hand-off on up to 40 DECT Access points with zero interference with other wireless networks. A single access point can support up to 8 cordless handsets and up to 200 handsets on a single network segment. The color handsets support up to 4 lines, multiple codecs, over the air synchronisation, wide band 2-way speakerphone and an integrated site survey tool for simple wireless setup.” Says Brett Morrison, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Business Communication Systems, Uniden America Corporation.


If you wish to see the Uniden phones in action stop by the Schmooze Com/FreePBX Booth (#535) at Asterisk World & ITEXPO in Miami.

About Uniden America Corporation Uniden America Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Japan-based Uniden Corporation, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronic products. Based in Irving, Texas, Uniden sells its products through dealers and distributors throughout North, Central and South

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Preston McNair, VP of Sales and Marketing, FreePBX/Schmooze Com Inc 


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WebRTC Softphone module now available for FreePBX!

Schmooze Com, Inc. announces first public release of WebRTC Softphone module for FreePBX.


Neenah WI, – January 27, 2014 – Today, Schmooze announces the availability of the BETA release of The FreePBX WebRTC Softphone. This is the first public release of an officially supported WebRTC module for the world’s most popular Open Source PBX platform, FreePBX.


WebRTC stands for “Web Real-Time Communications,” a technology focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice, directly within web browsers.


The new WebRTC add-on module allows FreePBX users to enable real-time communications from a web browser directly with their FreePBX system. System administrators will enable an additional WebRTC device in their end users User Control Panel, thereby allowing end users to make and take calls directly from a supported web browser. Anytime a user’s regular extension rings, the WebRTC Softphone will also ring if they are logged into the phone, allowing them to take calls directly from a browser.


“This Free WebRTC add-on to FreePBX will enable end users of FreePBX to stay in touch, as well as provide exciting new options for contact centers and businesses wanting to utilize FreePBX within their environments.” commented Preston McNair, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Schmooze Com, Inc./FreePBX. “In my personal testing I have even used it directly with the browser on my Android Tablet; this is just the start of where this technology will eventually take us.”


FreePBX system administrators can download the WebRTC module from within the FreePBX Module Admin, or check out this video that shows off some of the new features enabled by the WebRTC module.

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Preston McNair, VP of Sales and Marketing, FreePBX/Schmooze Com Inc 


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FreePBX 12 Coming Soon

Happy New Year to everyone from the FreePBX AND Asterisk teams! We are super excited to tell you about the plans for Asterisk 12 and FreePBX 12 which have kept all of us so busy! Here’s a really quick recap of what’s in store for you along with a roadmap of our plans to deliver it!

The release of Asterisk 12 is the most significant leap forward ever in the Asterisk project with huge internal upgrades that will set the stage for improved functionality and new features for years to come. What the Asterisk development team has pulled off is simply awesome! For starters, they’ve delivered a brand new, modular SIP channel driver based on Teluu’s industry leading PJSIP stack. PJSIP addresses several limitations of the legacy Asterisk SIP channel. The other huge change is a redesign of the internal bridging mechanism within Asterisk. Channel masquerading, which made development on top of Asterisk difficult, is now a thing of the past. Inside of Asterisk channels can now be easily bridged to one or more channels and then moved around at will. That translates to big improvements for features like parking, attended transfers, call pickup and more; and it sets the stage for all sorts of new features. And then there’s the new Asterisk REST interface (ARI) which will open up many internal Asterisk capabilities to a whole new audience of developers!

As a result, the FreePBX and Asterisk teams have also been working closely together to make Asterisk 12 inside FreePBX a reality. In fact, we’ve been working so closely, that we decided to use ‘12’ to reference the next version of FreePBX (so it becomes FreePBX 12!) Given the significant changes in Asterisk 12, the FreePBX primary focus for this next version is the support of Asterisk 12 and its new PJSIP channel and capabilities. FreePBX 12 will support Asterisk 1.8, 10, 11 and 12!

Fighting the arctic to bring you 12!

If you’ve followed the FreePBX or Asterisk twitter feeds you may have gotten a glimpse of how hard the teams have been working to get FreePBX and Asterisk into a state where we can start a public beta program to get all of you to help make this a reality! Just this past week, some of the Asterisk and FreePBX team decided to brave the arctic conditions of the Midwest with -45 degree weather and set up base camp in the middle of Wisconsin at Schmooze Com, Inc. headquarters. They hashed out many of the last critical bugs necessary to get FreePBX 12/Asterisk 12 out to all of you! With that behind us, the next priority is the roadmap to help guide us in delivering to the masses!

For you real pioneers out there, there’s always a DIY (Do It Yourself) option. On the Asterisk side you can grab the latest and greatest from SVN. From FreePBX, you can do the same …. oh wait, that’s changing too … so slight digression on how that’s going to work…

FreePBX on GIT

The FreePBX team announced their plans to move FreePBX to Git at Astricon which has been ‘yet another thing’ that has kept the team busy over the last couple months. Part of moving to Git has been the decomposition of FreePBX such that every module is its own repository as this makes it much easier for contributors and new developers to get involved. That has meant code changes in addition to simply moving from one source code control system to another, not to mention the significant tools used behind the scenes to maintain the project and online repositories, publish new modules and bug fixes, etc. The work is almost done and being tested before releasing in the next few days! Git will house all released versions of FreePBX, which means 2.10, 2.11 and of course 12. All older and un-supported versions, 2.9 and prior, will remain in SVN which will be frozen with the exception of Security fixes which continue to be pushed back to the last 4 releases (and often more).

Back to FreePBX 12

For those who are DIY pioneers, you’ll be able to put together your own FreePBX installs by pulling everything from Git. The tools are not quite finished to create the “install_amp” tarball installer that you may be familiar with so you’ll have to get your hands a little dirty with Git if you need to go that route!

The preferred testing mode by both the FreePBX and Asterisk teams will be to download and install the beta track FreePBX Distro being released very shortly. Using this distro for testing will allow a consistent mechanism to quickly get both Asterisk and FreePBX patches and bug fixes out to the testing community, and it will allow a consistent and more reproducible environment when the bug reports start coming in. The FreePBX and Asterisk teams have a set of development servers available to both teams to quickly resolve bugs and get fixes out to you. We are super excited to start getting the greater community involved with this.

As the platform stabilizes, the FreePBX team will be working on easier “install_amp” installation tarballs to broaden the horizon and testing exposure for those who prefer to roll their own but aren’t ready to brave the source code control world quite yet. But whether it’s using the FreePBX Distro, or any other way you install FreePBX 12, the new and improved Online Module admin (yes another thing that has kept the team busy) will keep FreePBX up to date as the beta program progresses. For those of you on the FreePBX Distro, Asterisk will be kept up to date as well!

For now, we are really excited with the technological leap that the combined platform is delivering and we can’t wait to get thousands of you involved in helping our teams make this a reality!

The FreePBX and Asterisk Teams!

This post also featured on the Asterisk blog: FreePBX 12 Coming Soon 

Download the FreePBX 12 with Asterisk 12 ISO from here.  Pick Alpha 6.12.65 Version

Forecast Calls for High Temp of 85 in Naples, get out of the cold and join us in Florida for 2 FreePBX Events

Curt Teiche & Co Public Domain Archive

The forcasted high this week in Naples, Florida is 85 degrees!

The FreePBX Team has two events in Florida this month, get out of the cold and join us!

FreePBX Certification Training  tickets are available for purchase until January 12th

Monday, January 13, 2014 at 8:00 AM  Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM (EST)

Naples, FL Seminar Only – $2,295  


Host Facility: Naples Daily News
1100 Immokalee Road 
NaplesFL 34110-4810





Asterisk World 2014

FreePBX/Schmooze Com are Platinum Sponsors of this years Asterisk World 2014 at ITEXPO , January 28th-31st in Miami Beach, Florida (seems to be a pattern here with scheduling events in Florida during the Winter.)

JOIN US AT ASTERISK WORLD 2014 at ITEXPO in Miami Beach, Jan 28th-31st Get Your Free VIP PASS HERE
  • The FreePBX Exhibit will display over 250 devices from over 20 different manufacturers, live on display, and all auto provisioned by our End Point Manager.
  • A live demonstration of our NEW FreePBX High Availablitly Platform! Learn more about FreePBX HA by clicking here.
  • Presentations on the history and our plans for the FreePBX Project for 2014 and beyond.
  • Live demonstrations of the new FreePBX phone apps for Digium, Aastra and Yealink phones. Our RESTapps add advanced functionality across. Including Parking, Conference Room Managment, Follow Me Management, Login/Logout, DND and more coming soon.
  • Learn about our exciting FreePBX reseller program, that includes discounts on Hardware and Software purchases, and certified training.