A Welcome Message From Sangoma CEO, Bill Wignall


To All our Valued FreePBX Users:

It has now been just over a month since Sangoma acquired SchmoozeCom, the sponsor and lead developer behind FreePBX, and we’ve consciously chosen to wait a few weeks before reaching out to you, in order to provide reassurance that it’s “business as usual” for FreePBX, the project that you know and love! And it now seems like the appropriate time to offer you a warm welcome from Sangoma, where I have the honor of being the President and CEO.

Many of you may know Sangoma as a well-established, highly respected technology company that makes products for many aspects of the telecom industry. We are financially stable, publically traded, with operations all around the globe and a formidable engineering team with deep expertise in telecommunications, developed over many decades. In recent years, Sangoma has been focused on introducing new products and services to the market including call center software, gateways, tapping/call recording software, session border controllers, SS7 software, high density telephony cards and many others, so adding a PBX is a logical strategic fit. How better to do that than with FreePBX, perhaps the most widely used PBX on the planet!

What you may not know is that Sangoma also has a long pedigree in Open Source telephony, having supported many of the most important OS telephony projects in our industry, including both Asterisk and Freeswitch. In fact Sangoma helped make Asterisk dependable for business many years ago, and has contributed to helping FreePBX become one of the most widely adopted open source PBXs on earth.

We know very, very well that in other cases, when a commercial company has taken over an open source telephony project, it has not always ended well, and that this may concern some of you slightly. Heck, we at Sangoma have been caught up in those situations too. So one of the most critical points I wanted to share with you today is that you need not worry about such problems in this case! Sangoma is honored to now be the steward for the FreePBX project and has partnered with and retained all of the people at Schmooze who work on FreePBX. They are very excited to be part of the Sangoma family now, and together we are 100% committed to not just maintaining but evolving the open source project on your behalf. You have my word on that.

The FreePBX community will now benefit from the project being backed by a larger, mature company with much broader resources, over 30 years of experience in telecom and a long history in open source. But there are many other benefits for FreePBX users as well, such as:

  • The stability and credibility this adds to the project, reassuring you that it will be around for many years to come, with ongoing development and support
  • The acquisition will enable acceleration in the development of FreePBX (and SIPstation) capabilities, via both additional financial investment into the project and by tapping into the deeper pool of engineering resources available at Sangoma. This means more functionality in FreePBX, sooner, for you.
  • All of our products/services, including FreePBX, from the open source project, to Commercial variants of FreePBX for those who require this option, to our add-on modules, to SIPstation will be more readily available from Sangoma’s extensive network of distribution partners around the world. This will make it easier to obtain the software through not only the traditional Schmooze methods but now also from Sangoma and its channel partners around the globe.
  • You will be able to count on the industry leading reputation of Sangoma’s “because it must work” products to interoperate even more elegantly with FreePBX. A simple example would be our full range of telephony interface cards or the integration of Sangoma’s SBC functionality into FreePBX, with many more possibilities to come.
  • For those users who have asked for a Sangoma PBX, we can now meet that need with FreePBX, in the traditional downloadable open source variant, or pre-installed and tested on our industry leading ‘because it must work’ telecom appliances.

I hope you will agree that these are exciting times for FreePBX and its enormous group of over 2 million users around the globe. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or requests, I invite you to contact me personally at the address below. Please don’t hesitate to do so, as I would welcome the input from our valuable community! Myself and everyone in the Sangoma/Schmooze/FreePBX family offer you this warm welcome and hope you’ll find this new partnership only serves to further your satisfaction as a FreePBX user.




Bill Wignall
President and CEO
Sangoma Technologies


PBX M3 Wins Best Large Enterprise Solution at ITEXPO, OBIHAI phones now support Phone Apps, OTTS, Expanded Bundles, Enterprise Mobility, FreePBX Add-ons, and Allison Live!


PBX M3 Wins Best Large Enterprise Solution at ITEXPO, OBIHAI Phones Now Support Phone Apps, OTTS, Expanded Bundles, Enterprise Mobility, FreePBX Add-ons and Allison Live!


m3 wins best in showM3 wins Best Large Enterprise Solution at ITEXPO 2015, Miami, Florida!PBX-M3-logo_300_177.png

In its debut public appearance M3 or PBX Multi Machine Management wins Best of Show for Best Large Enterprise Solution at ITEXPO Miami. M3 provides a professional management tool for managing groups and multiple installs of FreePBX or other compatible platforms.

M3 is an automatically deployed monitoring service with a modern dashboard for quick overview of various services, systems and events across your deployed PBX systems. M3 also provides integrated alerts and notifications, firewall management, and an integrated VPN for connectivity to the M3 monitoring platform or easily creating tunnels between grouped servers.

“The products and solutions nominated for the ITEXPO Best in Show Awards continue to be cutting-edge, and it’s truly exciting to see what new technological developments our exhibitors have for us each year.” said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO and conference chairman. “We are pleased to honor Sangoma for their efforts and creativity in developing advanced, powerful solutions for the business technology marketplace.”

Version 1.0 (CURRENT BETA) of M3 includes a centralized VPN server, firewall management, monitoring and alerting and SSH key management. While version 1.0 is a great start and already winning awards, we need your help on ideas and features that you find valuable. Some of the features we are considering for Version 2.0 are:

  • PBX Backup Management and Storage
  • Centralized Call Detail Records and Archiving
  • Centralized System Logging
  • Management and scheduling of PBX upgrades
  • Hub and Spoke trunking between PBXs for call flow between groups of PBXs.

If you are interested in giving M3 a spin we have a full wiki on installation and configuration. M3 includes the ability to manage up to two PBXs, you can add additional PBX licenses for $5/mo in the portal. Don’t want to roll your own M3 instance? FreePBXhosting.com has added the M3 Management Server to their list of supported hosting packages.


OBi1000-family-web.pngfreepbxOBIHAI phones now supported by FreePBX Phone Apps!
FreePBX Certified Partner OBIHAI has been busy working closely with the FreePBX team the past few months on integrating their line of desktop phones with the full suite of FreePBX Phone Applications. Phone apps allow users to control functions and settings directly from the screen of their phone, empowering users to intuitively manage call settings and features directly from supported devices, and minimize the reliance upon hard to remember feature codes. OBIHIA phones and FreePBX Phone Apps can be purchased in the Schmooze Portal. Join us on March 11th for a webinar on the OBIHAI Phones and Apps REGISTER.


UCPforEPMCounterPath Bria Cloud Services bring mobility to the FreePBX EcoSystem
CounterPath and Sangoma have worked behind the scenes to make it easier for managers of FreePBX systems to connect to CounterPath’s Cloud Solutions for Bria Unified Communications softphone clients.

The Bria and FreePBX solution enables enterprise IT administrators to add Bria smartphone, tablet and desktop softphone clients to their FreePBX telephony platform, and easily manage and provision the clients using the FreePBX User Management portal which interfaces with CounterPath’s Stretto™ server platform.

The Bria Stretto™ client suite for desktops, smartphones and tablets provides premium features like video call support, messaging and presence, and advanced audio and video codecs where available. They are supported on Windows and Mac desktops and laptops; iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10 smartphones, and iPad and Android tablets. Download Bria & FreePBX Solution Brief (PDF). Watch Video. Join us on February 25th for an informational webinar conducted by Jim O’Brien REGISTER.



Software Bundles End User Device Management has been added to the System Builder Bundles!
Your end users can now manage their own supported phones using the ‘UCP for EPM’ module that is included in the System Builder and System Builder Pluss modules, we also now include the popular Extension Routing Module as well.




System Builder: $225

$114 off retail price of individual modules.



Call Center Builder $1275

$599 off retail price of individual modules.



















grandstream-new-logo-906.jpgGrandstream Phones to be supported by FreePBX Phone Apps
The Sangoma professional development team and Grandstream engineers have been hard at work enabling support of the powerful FreePBX Phone Apps within Grandstream IP phones. Phone Apps integrate PBX and advanced features directly within the end users phones, providing a true Unified Communications solution and true interoperability with the features available within FreePBX. Expect some initial software releases for supported Grandstream endpoints really soon! Grandstream phones can be purchased in the Portal.


m3logo.pngWhen’s the next release? FreePBX 13 ALPHA Release aka the “Sunny Beach” release is getting closer every day!
We are busy applying what we learned last year with the creation of the new User Control Panel ‘UCP’, back into FreePBX. Expect a mobile/tablet friendly, responsive administrative GUI, with more HTML5 and WebRTC goodness baked in.

We are also updating some key modules such as System Recordings and Music on Hold, making them more intuitive, building in multi-lingual recording support, WebRTC recording capabilities, and enabling ‘easy’ streaming music on hold.

On top of the new features, the developers are always evaluating the ‘internal plumbing’ and constantly updating and improving aspects of FreePBX under the covers to pave ways for even more features and capabilities. I’m told by the development team to expect the ALPHA release of FreePBX 13 within the next month.





Below are a couple of recent recorded webinars you can review if you missed them live. If you look to your right you will also see several upcoming webinars you may want to get on your calendar.

FreePBX Phone Apps, in this webinar originally recorded in December we walk through the functions of each of the existing IP phone applications. Watch Recorded Video.



VTech FreePBX Certified Business Phones VTECH Business phones are the latest devices to be certified for FreePBX! In the webinar recorded in January, Frank Correia with VTECH provides and in-depth product review of the VTech Business phones. VTech Business phones can be purchased in the Schmooze Portal! Watch Recorded Video.



Preston McNairPreston McNair 
VP of Sales

Sangoma US


1351 Kimberly Dr.
Neenah, WI 54956






WEBINAR: Enterprise Mobility for FreePBX, communicate from anywhere!

Wed. Feb. 25th, 2:00 PM EST

Join Jim O’Brien, VP of Server Engineering with CounterPath in this overview and demonstration of the powerful FreePBX integrated Bria Cloud Platform. FreePBX users can communicate on any supported device they may have access to at any time, from any location using this “auto-magically” provisioned solution for desktops, tablets and smartphones.



WEBINAR: Add-ons to Enhance FreePBX

Wed. March 4th, 2:00 PM EST

Free Webinar demonstrating and reviewing some of the more popular add-ons and enhancements designed for FreePBX. We will cover Commercial modules, third party software and hardware, and other FreePBX Certfied solutions that will enhance your FreePBX solutions.



Open Telephony Training Seminar

March 10-13, 2015 Huntsville, AL

This training seminar will teach advanced topics to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer Asterisk®/FreePBX® solutions relevant to all FreePBX based distributions





Wed. March 11, 2015 2 PM EST

phone-app-icon.pngFree Webinar highlighting the FreePBX Certified Obi1000 Series IP phones and other business class products from Obihai. We have just added support for the FreePBX Phone Apps and will give you a peak at these applications as well.



WEBINAR: Allison Live!

Wed March 25th, 2015 2 PM EST

Allison Smith is one of the most prevalent and often-heard telephone voices working today. Join Allison for an interactive presentation/discussion outlining her thoughts on IVRs, professional voice recordings and best practices as they relate to FreePBX and your business.




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