Advanced Recovery - FreePBX Add-on - Commercial Module

Advanced Recovery

$400 for a 1 year license

Maintaining the voice availability during the server failure scenario is one of the most critical requirements of today’s voice communications businesses.

The Advanced Recovery Commercial module for PBXact and FreePBX has been designed to provide such uninterrupted service to protect the voice services when there is failure in the primary server by automatically switching to secondary server. This module provides an easy PBX GUI interface for the configuration, where in just a few steps all your current (primary) system configuration will be ready to replicate to the secondary server.

Built-in monitoring functionality of this module will ensure failover to the secondary server is happening as soon as possible when there is failure in the primary server. Then when the primary PBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary server in just a few easy steps.

The Advanced Recovery modules also offers integrated support of Endpoint Manager to update existing configured Sangoma’s S- and D-series phones configuration with secondary server IP so during failover they can easily switch to secondary server to continue to provide voice services.

Support of executing third party custom hooks (scripts) during switchover will help to ensure that integrated third party apps are also switching over to active servers smoothly.


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