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FreePBX vs Skype: Software as a Service

Interesting PCMag John Dvorak article came out two days ago –,1895,2176192,00.asp Dvorak’s article points out the problems of relying on a single server (or service) in a modern IT infrastructure. The impetus for the article was Microsoft’s WGA servers going down for 19 hours last weekend, but those of you tempted to rely on

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Press Release – FreePBX 2.3.0 Ships!

San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA– August 27, 2007 Atengo LLC, primary sponsor of FreePBX®, announces the immediate release of FreePBX Version 2.3 at FreePBX is the most popular open source web-application for business telephony, with over 1.5 million downloads. This release follows completion of the successful 2.3 Beta Program, with nearly 4,000 sites

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