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Official FreePBX® 2.2.2 Upgrade Instructions

We have heard that some recent upgrade attempts to FreePBX® 2.2.2 on other distributions have resulted in broken systems. We have no control of the …

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Rob’s been missing again.. But I have a good reason

I apologise for the total lack of involvement I’ve had over the past couple of months, and I’d really like to publically thank Philippe for …

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FreePBX® to support Asterisk 1.4

So what’s going on with Asterisk 1.4 and the plans to “End of Life” version 1.2? If you have not already heard, it was decided …

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IVRs – Standard Abilities, Tips and Tricks

I didn’t get a lot of feedback from last week’s article on what you wanted to hear so I scanned the forums a bit and …

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Surveying interest in Multi-Tenant freePBX

I am trying to gauge interest in a true multi-tenant implementation. I posted a similar request to the trixbox forum since there is a lot …

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2.2.1 released

We seem to have now got most of the bugs out of the 2.2 branch, so just to bring everything up to date, I’ve just …

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freePBX 2.2.0 is here. Finally!

After a long and drawn out test, beta, and rc cycle, I beleve that we finally have a really REALLY good freePBX release. Since we …

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