Expanding FreePBX GraphQL APIs

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta

Dear All,

Happy New Year 2021 !!

We are pleased to announce the support of various new GraphQL APIs into FreePBX and PBXact 15.0+ releases which can help with programmatic provisioning and management of your PBX.

As we’ve discussed at Astricon and in announcements since, we are aiming to make FreePBX/PBXact a more cloud-friendly product. Extending GraphQL API support is one of the steps toward this commitment. This will give more tools to PBX administrators to more easily remotely provision and configure new deployments. 

As of now, additional GraphQL APIs have been added for the following modules:

  1. Core 
  2. Framework
  3. Sipstation
  4. Sysadmin
  5. Voicemail
  6. Ringgroup

GraphQL API related code can be found within the FreePBX module source tree at <module_name>/Api/Gql/<API files>

Unit test cases that can also help to understand how to invoke the GraphQL APIs are available at <module_name>/utests/API/GQL/<test files>

Please refer to the below wiki to find out more about the newly added APIs.

FreePBX/PBXAct provides a lot of functionality and Sangoma wants to continue to improve the FreePBX/PBXact GraphQL API experience. At the same time, we encourage community developers to also try their hand with these new APIs and join us to contribute more GraphQL APIs to make FreePBX/PBXact an API rich product.

To test the new APIs, please update the API module to the latest EDGE release.  Everyone is encouraged to send us feedback to enhance this further.  You can provide feedback by raising issues in our open source bug tracking system, submit feature requests, or submit improvements to enhance this module’s functionality. You can also raise forum threads to discuss on the FreePBX Community Forum.


Thank you for using FreePBX,
Kapil Gupta

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