Fax Pro Module

$150.00 for 25 year license or $65.00 for a 1 year license

The Fax Pro module adds functionality to the standard FreePBX Fax module. Outbound faxing can be done through a web interface on your FreePBX system. Simply type in a phone number and upload a PDF. You can optionally set the outgoing PDF to use a locally stored fax coversheet with your faxes; and type in a personal message on the coversheet.

  • Outbound Faxes from PDF’s
  • Simple web interface to manage inbound and outbound faxes inside the ARI module of FreePBX
  • Have all inbound and outbound faxes stored on the server for easy viewing and archiving.
  • Create company wide fax coversheets that allow easy customization for each user.
  • This module requires Asterisk to be setup to handle faxing with res_fax and either the res_fax_digium or the res_fax_spandsp engines configured for the module to work
  • Configure and manage Asterisk T38 gateway options on each Extension and Outbound Route to take advantage of Asterisk T38 Gateway feature in Asterisk 10 or newer.